Various Positions*

Take my Practicum document to the gym and new Pilates teacher signs off a session for me. It’s a great class. Here I am:

Rush to Crouch End to meet this person. He is my best dog friend and it’s so lovely to see him and have kisses and cuddles. Look how amazing he is:

We have coffee and lunch with his owner and pop in to Waterstones. Am wearing my furry leopard 🐆 coat and it’s raining so get an Uber home.

Have a quick rest and then do four and a half hours work on my Pilates Instructor Course theory. Have gone back to the start of the course to make notes on the earlier modules that I didn’t note at the time.

It’s 7.03pm which means supper soon, then Silent Witness and knitting.

Am listening to Leonard Cohen’s Various Positions album.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1984. By Leonard Cohen. Classic and wonderful album.

The Anteater Of Death*

Put on my leg weights and walk to the gym in the sunshine. Do four sets of all my weights.

Walk home from gym in the sunshine.

Meet Hannah, her smallest girl, her brother, his husband and their baby at the gym.

We see the lions:

And the langurs:


Walk through the Squirrel Monkeys:

And the ring-tailed lemurs:

The meerkats stand guard:

Wear my leg weights all day. We have such a good time at the zoo in the sunshine.

Book Pilates tomorrow and Tuesday at my gym near the flat. For the Practicum need to attend classes with several different instructors. Must remember my document for them to sign.

Have a small rest but can’t sleep. Now am watching Silent Witness and knitting.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2008. By Betty Webb. A Gunn Zoo mystery, Book 1. Set in California. Stars Zookeeper Teddy Bentley.

The Primrose Hill Murder*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Work really hard at Spin with my leg weights. It’s The Princess’s class. Here we are:
  2. Work even harder at ninety minute Barre with my leg weights on:
  3. My Pilates teacher signs off ten sessions on my Practicum form for my Pilates Instructor Course. Need to do thirty sessions with a variety of instructors.
  4. Rush back to the flat. Suzy is there. We have felafel, avocado, pitta, spinach and hummus for lunch. It’s lovely to see her.
  5. Unload dishwasher.
  6. Walk this girlie on Primrose Hill wearing my leg weights:
  7. Her owner gives me keys as I’m looking after her Thursday to Sunday next week.
  8. Read and understand the instructions from her owner.
  9. Have a small sleep.
  10. Watch a video for my self-help group The Goddess Collective.
  11. Need to put the washing away.
  12. Now am going to watch Silent Witness and knit.
  13. Last night finish knitting the second scarf for Dave’s little boys. He is going to pick them up next Sunday.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1992. By Jeremy Porter. Crime fiction novel.

Murder On Black Swan Lane*

Teach the Swan Dive at Pilates and it goes really well. Teacher is very pleased with me for going round correcting people’s posture. She says that usually trainees forget to do that. Here we are:

Finally I have thighs like a baby giraffe 🦒.

We pop into Myla Clare and Mum buys me a dress for our holiday:

Then we rush to Marks And Spencer where we find my night cream and a lovely orange swimsuit with a matching dress. We purchase M & S sandwiches and eat them in the garden with the fluffy monster:

Have a small sleep. Wake up and finish Intermediate And Advanced Pilates Movements and pass the worksheet with eight out of eight.

Print my Practicum document so my Pilates teacher can sign off the lessons I attend. Have to attend thirty with a variety of different instructors.

We are going to watch The Secret Life Of The Zoo and then have supper. Supper is artichokes followed by Spinach And Mushroom Bottomless Quiche with purple sprouting broccoli and cauliflower.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2017. By Andrea Penrose. Book One in the Wrexford and Sloane mystery series, set in Regency London.

The Saint Valentine’s Day Murders*

Work very hard at Spin with my leg weights on.

See these people at the farm:

Come home and fluffball is starving. He rolls around outside to catch my attention:

Give him his fifth breakfast and then he trundles off outside. It’s a sunny day and I sit on the swinging bench and chat to Dave. I’ve almost finished knitting the two scarves he ordered and he’s going to pick them up whilst I’m Shiba Inu sitting next weekend.

Dad prints off my Portfolio for my Pilates Instructor Course. Need to take it with me to the first weekend in March. Now just need to find it in the house.

Have lunch and watch True Evil: The Making Of A Nazi. This week it’s Eichmann. We learn about the German Civil Service. Apparently the Prussian Civil Service was the largest employer in the world. I knit.

Have a sleep. Wake up and continue Intermediate And Advanced Pilates Movements for an hour and twenty minutes.

We’re having cheese fondue for supper and I must, must, must have a bath now.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

*1984. By Ruth Dudley Edwards. Crime fiction novel.

Murder With Peacocks*

Have a lovely walk with Gandalf. Here he is:

Wear my leg weights. Then we have cuddles at his house:

Work really hard at Barre in my leg weights and tutu:

Valentine’s Day balloons are up at the Zone:

Will be spending V Day itself at Spin and then need to purchase more blue gel pens as am making so many notes for my Pilates Instructor Course theory.

See a peacock at the farm:

Come home and give fluffball another lunch. Here he is:

Then put him outside in the sunshine. He’s in now.

Watch an episode of True Evil about Albert Speer which is fascinating.

Can’t sleep so return to work on Intermediate And Advanced Pilates Movements. Work on this for two and a half hours.

Mum brings fluffball in to see me and we pull some matted fur out of his coat. He growls at us.

It’s 6.44pm and am hoping for supper soon.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1999. By Donna Andrews. Book 1 in the Meg Lanslow mystery series, set in Virginia. Cozy mystery novel.

And Then I Fell In Love*

Wake up at 6.45am and watch a Silent Witness. Work hard at training on Upper Body today. Here is a back exercise:

Also do chest. Wear my legs weights all day: to gym, to walk Dolly and to Zoo. Only take them off to sleep.

Mum picks me up from the gym and takes me to walk Dolly. Here we are:

Kiss and cuddle my Dolly and we have a good walk in the sunshine. I love her.

Then we go to the Zoo to meet new tiger Asim:

He rolls on his back and plays with his toy just like fluffball does. He’s such a handsome boy. I’m sure he didn’t mean to kill Melati. It was just a horrible tragic accident.

It’s a lovely sunny day and we sit outside for lunch. Even take off my coat.

We see the lions:

And the macaws:

There are some baby mongooses near the lions:

In the Rainforest, sloths Marilyn and baby Lento are having a cuddle:

Apparently Lento is now one and should be leaving his Mum but he doesn’t seem to want to.

Quick visit to the okapis:

Have to return via the flat to pick up my stuff.

Make it home about 4.20pm and have been sleeping. Have just woken up.

Fluffball is lying on my bedroom floor helping me write this.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2012. Episode of Silent Witness. Stars Chizzy Akudolu, Emma Amos, Faraz Ayub and Sanjeev Bhaskar. Written by Timothy Prager. Directed by Keith Boak.

Triangle At Rhodes*

Watch a Poirot: Triangle At Rhodes this morning. Rhodes looks so beautiful. Would love to visit.

Wear my leg weights at training and work very hard. Trainer is pleased with me. Show you my lateral raise and squat:

Walk home from the gym. It’s a sunny day. See my blackbird and my robin in the garden.

Have a short sleep and then spend two and a half hours on my Pilates Instructor Course theory. Am still working through the Intermediate And Advanced Pilates Movements module.

Suzy pops in to collect her birthday present: beautiful silver and garnet droplet earrings. She seems to like them so that’s good.

A friend is visiting later this evening who I haven’t seen for ages so it will be lovely to see him.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1937. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot short story that appears in the collection Murder In The Mews.


Wake up and watch a Silent Witness and knit.

At the gym, I put all my weights up and do four sets of everything:

When I make it home, my leg weights and Joseph Pilates’ book have arrived:

Can wear the leg weights for Barre, Pilates and dog walking – also at the gym and even around the house. Am wearing them now in fact.

Spend three and a half hours on my Pilates Instructor Course theory. Pass a worksheet on Introduction To Intermediate And Advanced Movements and make a good start on Intermediate And Advanced Pilates Movements.

Unload the dishwasher and hang up the washing.

Am listening to The Orb’s Orblivion album.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1997. Song by The Orb. Appears on the album Orblivion.

The Eichmann Show*

It’s The Boss’s class at Spin and it’s a Fartlek (speed play). It’s tough and I work hard. Here I am with The Master:

Wear my new tutu to Barre and borrow my teacher’s leg weights which makes it even harder. Here I am:

Dad drives me back to the flat, we unpack and get my Firestick working. Then we go to find this girlie:

Walk her to the top of Primrose Hill:

Coming back through Primrose Hill I see a bear who I recognise. It’s Dolly – out with a family friend of her owner. We have a cuddle and I kiss her.

Return to the flat, put a wash on and then have a small sleep.

Wake up and crack on with my Pilates Instructor Course theory. Finish The Pilates Movements module and pass the worksheet with 8/9.

Need to unload the dishwasher and washing machine, make some supper and watch my television whilst knitting.

Last night we watch The Eichmann Show which is about the filming of the trial and is excellent.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2015. TV movie. Stars Martin Freeman, Anthony LaPaglia, Rebecca Front and Andy Nyman. Directed by Paul Andrew Williams. Written by Simon Block.