The Orb 30th Anniversary Tour concert last night is brilliant. The sound is amazing; the visuals spectacular; the seats are so comfortable. We have the best time. Here they are:

Am going to attempt to attend more events at the Southbank Centre: it’s just such a pleasant experience. It’s a mere twenty minute tube ride from Golders Green to Waterloo. There are plenty of loos. We feel quite young: there are plenty of elderly hippies attending. It’s definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to.

Afterwards stay with my chum at the bar till it closes at eleven o’clock chatting and then he walks me back to the station.

Walk back from Golders Green and am home by 11.45pm but buzzing after my evening out. Don’t fall asleep till about 1.30am and then wake up at 6.15am which is 7.15am as the clocks have gone forward.

Watch an episode of Silent Witness. Do four sets of all my weights at the gym. Here I am:

Have lunch and a sleep. My cousin comes round at four o’clock this afternoon for her Pilates lesson. We pack a lot in. Here’s her homework:

Not going to see her for nearly a month now as she’s going to Abroad and then I too am travelling to Abroad on 12th April to visit brother for ten days. So our next Pilates session won’t be till 28th April.

It’s 7.08pm. Have been reading After The Peace by Fay Weldon. It’s brilliant.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2001. Song by The Orb from the album Cydonia.

Other Blue Worlds*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Wake up at eight o’clock and have breakfast.
  2. Cuddle fluffball:
  3. Work hard at The Boss’s class at Spin. Here we are:
  4. The Boss tells me she saw me teaching the Warm Up yesterday at Pilates and that it was Really Good.
  5. Work extra hard at Barre in my favourite tutu:
  1. My Pilates teacher tells me that The Boss told her how good my teaching is and she says she is So Proud Of Me.
  2. Walk Agent Orange in the sunshine 🌞:
  3. Am listening to The Orb’s No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds album as am seeing them tonight at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. So excited.
  4. Unload dishwasher.
  5. Clean contact lenses.
  6. Am going to wear my Rosa Bloom sequinned playsuit. This outfit:

Right: must dress and make self up and apply face jewels 💎.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2018. By The Orb. Song on the album No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds.

Murder For Lunch*

Wake up at six o’clock this morning and do two hours of Pilates Instructor Course theory. Have breakfast. Talk to Fluffball:

It’s The Boss’s class at Spin. Work extremely hard. Here we are:

Hilariously, the person in front of me has a fan which she fits on her bike. Show you:

Teach the Warm Up in Pilates and teacher is pleased with me. Work very hard at Pilates. Here I am:

Rush to Kings Cross to meet Lauren from Back In Stilletos who is visiting from San Francisco. We have lunch at Camino – it’s so great to meet her after five years of following each other’s blogs. We have So Much to talk about and have Such Fun. Here we are:

She’s Just How I Imagined Her: really glamorous and funny – we giggle about dating, the Nineties, San Francisco and so much else.

Need to visit her in San Francisco now – yay! Love it there.

Recommend Camino:

Rush home for my horrible Zoladex injection. Read Fay Weldon’s new novel After The Peace whilst am waiting – it’s so brilliant. Read it. Read Before The War first which is now out in paperback.

Tell my doctor about my Pilates adventures and the Goddess Collective. And mood being up for more than seven months. She is Really Pleased With me.

It’s been hot today so wear a sundress to the doctor.

Catch Fluffball when arrive home. He’s in now.

My parental best friends are coming round for dinner soon. Wonder if Mum’s chum has done her Pilates homework today. Will soon find out.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2016. By Haughton Murphy. Book One in The Reuben Frost mysteries, set in Wall Street.

After The Peace*

Mum wakes me up at eight o’clock again this morning: I have another long sleep which is good.

Work hard at Spin:

Teach Mum’s friend Pilates. Am pleased with her as she’s done her homework. Today we add Swimming to her exercise programme.

Rush back home for lunch. Then it’s off to the cancer hospital for my bum injections. They hurt a lot but am Brave.

Read my new Fay Weldon book at the hospital. It’s wonderful:

Mum takes me to Marks and Spencer to find a new dressing gown. It’s grey and velvety. Like it a lot.

Here is Fluffball last night:

We watch Traitors last night which ends in a stupid way.

Try to sleep this afternoon but can’t. Do two hours and fifteen minutes of Pilates Instructor Course theory.

Now must have bath.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2018. By Fay Weldon. Brilliant novel.

The Magnolia Murders*

Wake up at eight o’clock when Mum wakes me up. Haven’t had such a lovely long sleep for ages.

Walk and cuddle darling Gandalf:

There are these magnolias near his house:

Work amazingly hard at Barre in my tutu:

Have my blood tests which take a while as port is not cooperating. Finally the blood comes out and feel weak and sick.

Make a video for Melissa Wells for publicity for the Goddess Collective. Am now a Moderator there yay.

Sleep. Wake up and do three and three quarter hours of Pilates Instructor Course theory.

Supper is early as parentals are going out. Have an evening on own with my fluffball. Will watch the episodes of Traitors that have missed and knit 🧶.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2001. By Clint C. Thomas. Crime fiction novel.

Log Of Deadwood*

Wake up at six o’clock this morning and do two hours of Pilates theory. Listen to The Orb’s Orblivion album whilst am getting dressed: am going to see them on their Thirtieth Anniversary Tour at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Saturday. Am excited.

Rush to the gym for Pilates. Am late so don’t manage a photo. Instructor signs my Practicum form. Work hard.

Mum picks me up from the gym and we drive to Dolly.

Here we are:

Dolly is very pleased to see us. Kiss and cuddle her. We have a pleasant walk in the sunshine.

Mum drops me home. Speak to a couple of friends. Meditate but don’t sleep.

Mum picks me up. Now am back at the parentals. We are watching last week’s Gardeners’ World before supper so had better post this.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1997. By The Orb. Appears on the album Orblivion.


Wake up at six o’clock this morning and crack on with my Pilates Instructor Course theory. Do two hours.

Watch last night’s Victoria about the Chartists, Palmerston and Louis Philippe. It’s wonderful. Love Victoria – it’s Episode One of the new series so that’s fabulous.

It’s a sunny day. Work hard at training and trainer is so pleased with me – here’s my triceps press-up:

Walk home from the gym rather than taking an Uber. Well Done Me.

Watch the wood pigeons feeding in my garden, the blue sky and my dreamcatcher:

Water my fritillaries, narcissi and pansies.

Have lunch and talk to MadFatRunner, a male chum and another friend I haven’t spoken to for ages. Sleep. Wake up and do two and a half more hours of Pilates theory. Talk to brother.

Suzie is here. We have hummus, felafel, pitta and salad which contains avocado, sweet corn, carrot, parsley and spinach.

Suzie is loading the dishwasher and doing her work. The laminator roars: an awakening dragon 🐉.

Tomorrow I have Pilates then Dolly. Can’t wait to see my fluffy love.

I do the Enneagram Test. I’m Type 8, The Commander: Winston Churchill, Bette Davis and Lauren Bacall are this type. So too are Donald Trump, Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro. So it’s a good one to be as long as I don’t turn into a despotic megalomaniac.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2001. By Stephen King. Horror novel. Have not yet read it 😳

Omelette du Fromage*

Have fun at the party last night. Show you my outfit:

Leave at 11.45pm and am home not long after midnight but can’t sleep till about two o’clock in the morning as am still buzzing from having-been-out.

Wake up at 6.30am this morning. Fall back to sleep but wake up for good at 7.30am. The Drama channel has found some more Silent Witness episodes that haven’t seen, so watch one before the gym. Put some more fat balls out for my garden birds: see my robin pecking at the fat-filled coconut.

At Pilates, the teacher signs my Practicum form. It’s a good class and I work hard. Here I am:

Parentals pick me up from the gym and we drive into town. It’s a warm, sunny day. We go to Richoux for lunch.

Show you my cheese, mushroom and spinach omelette:

Lunch is delicious.

Then we visit The Renaissance Nude exhibition at the Royal Academy which is good. There are works by Durer, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian and Raphael amongst others.

We rush home and then my cousin visits. She is going to be my twelve week Case Study for my Pilates Instructor Course. We do an hour of Pilates and the time flies. Give her homework to do for twenty minutes per day. I love teaching Pilates.

New series of Victoria starts tonight yay! Am tired so will probably record it to watch tomorrow morning before training.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2018. By C. L. Mustafic. Book 1 in the Murder Between Them mystery series, set in Paris starring Bastien Lacroix.

Crime Rave*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Work really hard at The Princess’s class at Spin. Here I am with The Princess and The Boss:As you can see, The Princess is about to have a baby which is due in nine days.
  2. Psychiatrist is Really Pleased With Me: mood remains up; can concentrate on my Pilates theory; achieve the first Pilates Instructor Course weekend; have first Pilates client. It’s all good.
  3. Have lunch then sit in the garden with Fluffball:
  4. Have a short sleep.
  5. Have a bath and wash hair.
  6. Dad brings me back to flat. New Pilates books have arrived:
  7. Watch the Book Club Discussion in the Goddess Collective.
  8. Unpack all the shopping.

Now must have supper as have a 40th Birthday Rave later and need to change.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2015. By Sezin Koehler. Crime fiction novel set at a Rave.

The Night Visitor*

Wake up at eight o’clock after an eleven hour sleep. Spin is cancelled so do three hours of Pilates Instructor Course theory in bed.

Dad takes me to Mum’s best friend’s house. Am teaching her Pilates now. We use the new small balls and resistance bands. She’s a good pupil. I give her homework and will see her every week now. She’s my first pupil and am pleased with her and with self.

After lunch, walk into the village with Mum. We see Euphorbia:



And camellia:

We visit Myla Clare

Mum buys me some Frank Lyman palazzo pants:

And a gorgeous Frank Lyman dress which may wear for my cousin’s wedding in May:

Do another two and a half hours of Pilates Instructor Course theory so that’s five and a half hours today.

We have a guest coming for dinner – Mum’s Tennis partner. She’ll be here at seven o’clock so had better dress. Am wearing my new palazzo pants with my Hobbs heels with the diamonds.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2018. By Lucy Atkins. Psychological thriller about the academic scene.