It’s a pleasant flight with El-Al, which is a surprise. Luton airport is empty and so is Ben Gurion at the other end.

On the plane I read an entire book:

It’s set in 1901 at the time of Edward VII’s Coronation. Fay Weldon is such a wonderful writer: she brings the past alive with intricate historical detail, creating characters you can’t help but fall in love with. It’s gripping up to the last page. Highly recommend Fay Weldon’s Long Live The King, Book Two in the Love And Inheritance trilogy. Can’t wait to immerse myself in Book Three now.

After I finish my book, have a sleep for ninety minutes. We land, pick up our baggage and my brother is there at the airport to meet us and drive us back to Haifa.

We arrive just in time for sunset. This view never gets old:

We attend nearby Greg’s Kitchen for dinner which is a whole cauliflower roasted with tahini and yoghurt; fried artichoke hearts a la Romana and a feta, chicory and mixed leaf salad. Walk home and pass out to the sound of jackals howling in the wadi.

The wind booms in the trees. Wake up at seven and have a coffee. Brother comes round for breakfast. Dad is not adaptable: he’s a fish out of water away from home: fussing and faffing; unable to find the yoghurt in the front of the fridge or even the tea bags above the kettle. Lord give me strength to be patient and kind with my elderly father and don’t let me take out my irritation on him. It’s not his fault.

For I too struggle to adapt when away from my routine: gym; barre; Pilates; leg weights; dog walks; crime thrillers; protein drinks. Living with a chronic mental disorder is only possible if one adheres to a strict routine. So, I must make one here.

Darling brother purchases porridge, honey and goji berries so I can consume my normal breakfast. Go for a walk with Mum where I say “we can’t keep stopping to smell the flowers Mum, this is an Exercise Walk, not a ramble so…”

“I love having a break from my routine. Is that a large tortoiseshell?” Mum says:

“That’s because you don’t have a mental disorder,” I say, holding my hat on my head as it’s windy on the slopes of Mount Carmel.

“I daresay,” Mum says. “You mustn’t bully me in front of your brother, he doesn’t like it and…”

“I’m stressed without my gyms and leg weights,” I say. “I’m sorry but…”

“You’re going to the gym tomorrow,” Mum says. “Here we are, it’s about a twenty five minute walk. Do you want me to come with you tomorrow or…”

“No, I like spending time on my own,” I say. “I need some space.”

“OK darling,” Mum says as we turn back. Now she is sewing a ribbon onto the inside of my hat so I can tie it around my chin. My mother is a saint.

We see the fountain:

Some antirrhinum:


We trek a little way into the wadi where there are these wild daisies:

Here I am in the wadi:

Am so pleased with self for losing the cancer weight and am anxious to keep it off. Must achieve plenty of exercise and must not eat too much. At least have some training sessions booked but also aiming for an hour of walking per day, including one more hour today when wake up from afternoon sleep as no cardio or weights today.

As long as can maintain my exercise, it will all be fine.

Need a quick wash – may even risk the dangers of a shower – argh The Shower Scene in Psycho – but have a shower here so should use it. We are invited to brother’s friends for lunch. Everyone here is so hospitable. Love Israel.

Now am going to drink a coffee on my private balcony and gaze at the sea 🌊.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1960. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The groundbreaking horror thriller. Stars Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles and John Gavin. Screenplay by Joseph Stefano, based on the novel by Robert Bloch based on the life of the serial killer Ed Gein. See this film at once if you haven’t already. The infamous Shower Scene is why I’m scared of showers!


  1. L. Rorschach · April 15, 2019

    Great photos! Is a wadi a nature preserve?

    Liked by 1 person

    • waternymph88 · April 16, 2019

      A wadi is the Arabic word for where a river cuts down the mountain and the habitat created there – vegetation and so on: I think?


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