Murder In The Holy City*

My brother’s colleague, her husband and son come round for dinner last night. We have great chats and a lovely time.

This morning we drive through the Galil to the Golan Heights to visit Nimrod Fortress which was built by Saladin’s nephew in 1260AD. Back then this area was under Arab control.

Here I am with brother near the top of the fortress:

There is quite a lot of climbing upwards and my lungs protest.

Here are some more bits of the fortress. Brother says it’s not busy as Arab historical sites are not heavily promoted by the Israeli tourism board:

After we have a walk around, being careful not to fall down the uneven stone steps, brother takes us to a lovely restaurant. There is a stream and ducks, geese, a cockerel and even a peacock and guinea fowl:

In the above photo if you look right in the middle there is a jay. Here they have black heads.

After lunch we have a two hour drive home.

Meditate but don’t sleep. Wake up and have a coffee, a Diet Coke and sit out on my balcony.

It is meant to rain today but doesn’t. Which is good as we’re out and about.

Tonight we are having felafel for supper as tomorrow Passover begins and we won’t be allowed chickpeas anymore.

Tomorrow morning we are training at the beach with brother’s trainer at 9.30am. Am looking forward to it.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1998. By Simon Beaufort. A Sir Geoffrey Mappestone Murder mystery novel, Book 1. Set in Crusader Jerusalem in 1100AD.

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