Easter Bunny Murder*

Work really hard at training at the gym. We do triceps dips (pictured), sumo squats with kettlebell, ten step ups on each leg then change with kettlebell. In terms of abs: pull knees in on mini skateboard, climb up and down from hands to elbows. And lots of other exercises that can’t now remember.

Trainer is pleased with me. Am sad that we’ve had our last session now. Will see her when she’s in London end of June/ start of July.

Last night we go to the Thai restaurant in the port and have red curry with tofu:

See this on Facebook and think it’s funny:

Fluffball is having a good holiday and the cattery posts these pictures of him on their page:

People have written next to him “what a handsome boy.” It’s good that people recognise the aesthetic superiority of the Fluffball.

Before my sleep this afternoon I listen to a Persia Lawson talk about finding one’s soulmate which is good. Persia is a love coach and motivational speaker:


Found her through an interview she did with Melissa Wells on the Goddess Collective website.

Mum is making supper: my brother’s friends are coming round later.

A good thing: have realised for the first time ever on a holiday that am looking forward to returning home and back to my life. Have never felt this before – this is major progress. Am so happy about this!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

*2013. By Leslie Meier. A Lucy Stone mystery novel, Book 19.

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