Death In The Clouds*

Finally at the airport having a coffee. Looking forward to being at home with my Fluffball. Mum will pick him up from the cattery tomorrow whilst I’m at Spin and as soon as I see him I will cuddle him all over. Then we’ll walk darling Dolly and then suppose will unpack.

Our guests stay till past eleven o’clock last night which is a late night for me. Sleep in until about 9.15am today and then walk to the gym for the last time. Here I am:

Do four sets of all my weights and add some kettlebell Sumo squats and some TRX pull ups.

Brother picks me up after the gym and we go to Cafe Louise for lunch. Have a feta salad. As usual can only eat a small bit of it and brother takes it home.

Oh am looking forward to putting my leg weights on tomorrow and Spin, Barre Pilates and training, as well as walking the dogs.

It’s really good that am looking forward to returning to my life but also must now focus on studying for my Pilates theory exam. Will open my notebooks tomorrow and get started. There’s so much to learn.

Look at last night’s sunset:

We are three hours early for our flight but it takes an hour to check in and make it through security. It’s 5.09pm now and am tired as have missed my afternoon sleep. Maybe will sleep on the plane. Hope so.

Can’t wait to kiss and cuddle my Dolly tomorrow.

Hope you’ve all had a good Easter.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1935. By Agatha Christie. Hercules Poirot detective novel.

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