The Spa Decameron*

Wake up with the panther lying across my legs. Mum brings Fluffball in to see me and we have a cuddle. The panther watches us from the floor – he hates Fluffball. I love my Fluffball so much and he is gifted at cuddles: he’s the most precious angel in the world.

Work hard at Spin and actually get up into the yellow zone for a few minutes which I can’t normally do when the panther is here. It’s The Master’s class. Here we are:

Meet some of the London Ladies from the Goddess Collective for lunch at Greenberry in Primrose Hill – we have a lovely time. It is so great to make new friends. Am so grateful for the Goddess Collective. Here we are:

My cousin comes round and I teach her some Pilates. I love teaching Pilates. We manage a lot of movements and I give her the scarf that I’ve knitted for my little cousin which she likes.

My trainer has cancelled me tomorrow so will just go to the gym and lift some weights.

Suzy is coming to see me this evening. Have missed a couple of weeks of Victoria and The Durrells so will probably start catching up on them.

I don’t want to revise Anatomy And Physiology – I want to read The Spa Decameron which arrives today but I must make some progress with my revision first. It’s a lovely big, fat book. Excited to read it:

My new leg weights also arrive today. Old ones have developed holes and the gravel has come out. Is good to have new ones.

Need to unpack suitcase but think that can wait till tomorrow. Will unload dishwasher now.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2007. By Fay Weldon. Women’s fiction novel.

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