Yellow Iris*

It’s Friday so it’s The Boss’s class so it’s High End Endurance as usual. Work hard. The panther stops me getting into the yellow zone, of course. He drags my heels down.

When we get home, Fluffball is waiting for us in the front garden. He comes in and asks for some more breakfast – perhaps his third. Here he is:

I take him out into the back garden. He walks past the pond:

And into the hedge. Suddenly, he zooms out of the hedge with his tail all fluffed up, squeaking. Something must have startled him but I can’t imagine what.

Have lunch and a sleep. Then Dad takes me to my Aunty and Uncle’s house for dinner.

Am staying with my cousins this weekend to watch Daphne Du Maurier films and do Pilates. Am hoping to fill in a bit of my Learner Portfolio as I’m teaching my cousin some Pilates (and have been for a while) but haven’t yet made a proper plan. But now I will. We have some worksheets to fill in together about what she hopes to gain from the sessions and so on.

Roger and Rafa both play today but I manage not to watch either of them. I know they both win.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1937. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot short story.

Poppy Done To Death*

Fluffball comes to wake me up this morning and we have a cuddle. He’s so lovely. Here he is five years ago today with my brother:

Work hard at Spin. Here I am:

Then go to the garden centre again with Mum: we buy some presents.

Watch Novak pulverise some poor chap in three sets.

Have lunch and a sleep.

Mum wants you to see her poppies:

We are sitting outside. Mum is doing the crossword, I’m writing this and the panther is lying on the floor at my feet. Am wearing shorts as the weather has improved.

Here is the curry plant:

A blue tit lands on the peanut feeder, eats and then flies away.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2003. By Charlaine Harris. Book 8 in the Aurora Teagarden mystery series.

The Tennis Partner*

No Gandalf today as he’s on holiday. I miss him!

It’s The Princess’s class today at Spin and I work hard. Here we are. So pleased that she is back after having her baby:

Have bath.

Then we watch Rafa win his second round match in straight sets.

Have lunch and a sleep.

At the moment am wrestling with my Pilates Instructor Course Learner Portfolio. Mum is trying to help me with it. I will somehow get on top of it. Must remember that am capable of doing this and that it’s just the panther telling me that I can’t do it and he’s wrong.

We watch Roger win his second round match in straight sets.

Now Jo Konta is in the third set against Lauren Davis.

We are having spaghetti for supper. I need to stop worrying about my Pilates course and just keep working hard at it. There is no point in worrying.

It has been raining all day. Fluffball is on my bed:

Am watching Jo Konta’s match with the panther. He lies with his head in my lap and I stroke the soft back of his neck.

“It’s Konta with the early break in this deciding set,” the commentator says.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1998. By Abraham Verghese. Memoir.

Molly & Me*

Email from Train Fitness has just come through, confirming my Pilates Instructor Course Stage 2 Training Weekend which is 8th and 9th June. So I must, must, must be in a better physical and mental state by then. The panther can’t come with. He just can’t.

Work hard at Spin this morning. Here I am:

Then walk Dolly with Mum and give her lots of kisses and cuddles. Here we are:

Have lunch and a sleep. Now am watching Simona Halep who is in trouble against Tomljanovic.

Fluffball is in now. It’s raining outside. It has been raining quite a lot.

A book has arrived. Look:

Am looking forward to reading it. It’s the story of an ex-policeman and his rescue cocker spaniel who set up a pet-detective agency.

Fluffball is having his supper. I’m watching the tennis on the grey sofa with the panther.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2019. By Colin Butcher. Non-fiction Book.

Open Court*

It’s 90 Minute Bank Holiday Spin this morning. I manage it, despite the panther. Here I am with The Boss and The Master:

There are cows and calves at the farm:

Then we return to the garden centre as yesterday Mum forgets the liners for the hanging baskets. There’s an aquarium there so we go to look for the koi:

Mum’s black irises are flowering. They didn’t flower last year. Here they are:

Watch Rafa’s first round match which he wins 6 – 2, 6 – 1, 6 – 3 I think. Then have my sleep.

Fluffball has come in now. We are watching Kyle Edmund. Serena is a set down on another court but ITV4 doesn’t want to show us that match. Miss Novak’s first round match but Mum says “he was effortless against some poor chap who was getting very upset.”

Am not allowed to go back to my flat at the moment due to the panther so will go from here to Dolly’s tomorrow with Mum. Will do Spin first. Let’s get a photo of Fluffball. Here he is:

Mum is feeding Fluffball even though it’s not yet his suppertime. Kyle is in trouble in the second set but I can’t really care about him. Kyle loses the second set.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2007. By Carol Clippinger. Tennis novel.

Drop Shot*

Work hard at Spin. Here I am with The Boss:

Then go to the garden centre with Mum to get some bedding plants and compost. Show you the fuchsia display:

It is raining at the garden centre but as it’s the Bank Holiday everyone else in England is also shuffling around the garden centre in the rain.

Have lunch and a sleep. Now am watching the French Open with Fluffball and the panther.

We see Venus lose in straight sets. Now it’s Sloane Stephens playing someone called Doi. Roger wins in straight sets earlier today (which I don’t see – probably it’s when I’m asleep) and Rafa kicks off his title defence tomorrow.

Mum is in the kitchen making supper. Fluffball is sitting by the back door. He wants to go out again but he’s not allowed:

Sloane Stephens wins. Next we are going to see David Goffin.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1996. By Harlan Coben. Tennis murder mystery novel. Book 2 in the Myron Bolitar mystery series.

Murder In The Cathedral*

We have a lovely time at the wedding. Here I am:

Here are the happy couple:

My family are really pleased that I’m well enough to be there.

This morning we go to Coventry Cathedral:

We have just picked Fluffball up from the cattery and he is now fluffing about somewhere – not sure where.

Am sitting in the garden with Mum and the panther. Am writing this blog, the panther is lying on the floor at my feet. Mum is doing the crossword.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1935. By T.S. Eliot. Play.

Murder At The Azalea Festival*

Have cut leg really badly shaving this morning so that will ruin my look for the wedding tomorrow. On the plus side: have packed and am looking forward to getting away for a couple of days.

We take Fluffball to the cattery this morning after Spin and he settles into his luxury accommodation. Hope he has a good holiday too and that they photograph him and don’t forget his Extra Cuddles.

Work hard at Spin this morning. Here I am:

Here are Mum’s orange azaleas:

Now that have packed am quite looking forward to the wedding. The panther lies next to me on the grey sofa as I write this. He rests his chin on his front paws. He is resting.

The parentals are out in the garden. The weather has improved and Mum says that we can have supper in the garden as a treat. Supper is artichokes.

Achieve my bum injections and my Zoladex injection today. Am very brave.

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to blog tomorrow as the wedding will be all day.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2004. By Ellen Elizabeth Hunter. Book 3 in The Magnolia Mystery series.

The Spa Decameron*

Walk darling Gandalf and cuddle him in his house. He is such a precious boy.

Work hard at Barre although the panther makes it difficult for me to do the moves and everyone asks me what’s wrong and I just say “it’s my mental disorder.”

“Well at least you’re here,” my lovely teacher says. “You’re here and you’re doing Barre.”

“I’m here,” I say, picking up my weights. I can’t just miss Barre for three months or four months or however long the panther decides to stick around this time. Anyway: it cheers me up, momentarily, whilst I’m doing it.

Dad takes me to the hospital for my blood tests and then I sleep for ages – about three hours.

Mum wakes me up and I sit in the garden reading The Spa Decameron. Now am inside on the grey sofa with the panther and Mum is outside looking for Fluffball. She has just found him and he emits an anguished howl which means “Feed me”. I hear Mum pour the food into his bowl.

We are having spaghetti for supper.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2007. By Fay Weldon. Novel.

The Cat Who Wasn’t There*

Personal training again today as we missed a couple of sessions whilst I was away. Do four sets of all my weights and trainer is pleased with me.

Mum picks me up and we walk Dolly. Here we are:

Have some cuddles with my Dolly and she drools on me a bit.

Mum drops me back at the flat where I meditate and rest but can’t sleep as am worrying about some things. The panther lies next to me.

“You’re going to fail your Pilates course,” He says, staring at me with his amber eyes.

“No I’m not,” I say, but I wonder if he’s right. Maybe I am going to. I really hope not.

Mum picks me up and we sit in the garden with Fluffball. Now we are inside. Here is Fluffball:

Dad is out so we will try and find the Court One Wimbledon Tennis from the other day to watch.

Fluffball is prowling around in search of food. I will just post this and then feed him.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1992. By Lilian Jackson Braun. Book 14 in The Cat Who series of mystery novels.