Open Court*

It’s 90 Minute Bank Holiday Spin this morning. I manage it, despite the panther. Here I am with The Boss and The Master:

There are cows and calves at the farm:

Then we return to the garden centre as yesterday Mum forgets the liners for the hanging baskets. There’s an aquarium there so we go to look for the koi:

Mum’s black irises are flowering. They didn’t flower last year. Here they are:

Watch Rafa’s first round match which he wins 6 – 2, 6 – 1, 6 – 3 I think. Then have my sleep.

Fluffball has come in now. We are watching Kyle Edmund. Serena is a set down on another court but ITV4 doesn’t want to show us that match. Miss Novak’s first round match but Mum says “he was effortless against some poor chap who was getting very upset.”

Am not allowed to go back to my flat at the moment due to the panther so will go from here to Dolly’s tomorrow with Mum. Will do Spin first. Let’s get a photo of Fluffball. Here he is:

Mum is feeding Fluffball even though it’s not yet his suppertime. Kyle is in trouble in the second set but I can’t really care about him. Kyle loses the second set.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2007. By Carol Clippinger. Tennis novel.

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