Molly & Me*

Email from Train Fitness has just come through, confirming my Pilates Instructor Course Stage 2 Training Weekend which is 8th and 9th June. So I must, must, must be in a better physical and mental state by then. The panther can’t come with. He just can’t.

Work hard at Spin this morning. Here I am:

Then walk Dolly with Mum and give her lots of kisses and cuddles. Here we are:

Have lunch and a sleep. Now am watching Simona Halep who is in trouble against Tomljanovic.

Fluffball is in now. It’s raining outside. It has been raining quite a lot.

A book has arrived. Look:

Am looking forward to reading it. It’s the story of an ex-policeman and his rescue cocker spaniel who set up a pet-detective agency.

Fluffball is having his supper. I’m watching the tennis on the grey sofa with the panther.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2019. By Colin Butcher. Non-fiction Book.

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