The Tennis Partner*

No Gandalf today as he’s on holiday. I miss him!

It’s The Princess’s class today at Spin and I work hard. Here we are. So pleased that she is back after having her baby:

Have bath.

Then we watch Rafa win his second round match in straight sets.

Have lunch and a sleep.

At the moment am wrestling with my Pilates Instructor Course Learner Portfolio. Mum is trying to help me with it. I will somehow get on top of it. Must remember that am capable of doing this and that it’s just the panther telling me that I can’t do it and he’s wrong.

We watch Roger win his second round match in straight sets.

Now Jo Konta is in the third set against Lauren Davis.

We are having spaghetti for supper. I need to stop worrying about my Pilates course and just keep working hard at it. There is no point in worrying.

It has been raining all day. Fluffball is on my bed:

Am watching Jo Konta’s match with the panther. He lies with his head in my lap and I stroke the soft back of his neck.

“It’s Konta with the early break in this deciding set,” the commentator says.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1998. By Abraham Verghese. Memoir.

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