Poppy Done To Death*

Fluffball comes to wake me up this morning and we have a cuddle. He’s so lovely. Here he is five years ago today with my brother:

Work hard at Spin. Here I am:

Then go to the garden centre again with Mum: we buy some presents.

Watch Novak pulverise some poor chap in three sets.

Have lunch and a sleep.

Mum wants you to see her poppies:

We are sitting outside. Mum is doing the crossword, I’m writing this and the panther is lying on the floor at my feet. Am wearing shorts as the weather has improved.

Here is the curry plant:

A blue tit lands on the peanut feeder, eats and then flies away.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2003. By Charlaine Harris. Book 8 in the Aurora Teagarden mystery series.

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