Dog Is In The Details*

Just spend ages looking for this photo. Am going to be allowed to borrow this gorgeous boy for my Dog Grooming Workshop next Saturday so that’s exciting. This is an old photo – he’s an adult Golden Retriever now.

His owner is one of my Spin and Barre chums and see her today at Spin. And she is going to let me borrow him for two whole hours so let’s hope he enjoys being groomed for all that time.

Work hard at Spin. Here I am with The Master:

That is not the world’s best photo but never mind.

Dad takes me out for lunch which is nice but we’re in a rush as I’ve forgotten my nail appointment at two o’clock. Here are new nails:

Come back and have a lovely long sleep.

Find a navy dress that I was convinced I’d lost so that’s good. Catch Fluffball in – well he comes in and then we shut all the doors and windows. Here he is:

He is the best boy in the world and certainly the fluffiest and the most orange. I love him to distraction.

We are watching Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep from earlier today. Angie is playing much better which bodes well for her Wimbledon title defence. I’m very fond of her.

Mum has been at Hurlingham watching the veterans all day so hopefully she’s had a good day.

Have to teach The Side Bend tomorrow which is a particularly difficult move, so am going to need to experiment on the parentals. It hurts my shoulder but I need to be able to do it.

The panther sits next to me on the grey sofa.

“Your arms are so fat. You’re disgusting,” He says, staring at me.

“They’re not,” I say. “It’s my lymphoedema. My arms aren’t actually fat. They’re just swollen because…actually I don’t see why I have to explain everything to you.”

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2017. By Neil S. Plakcy. Book 8 in the Golden Retriever Murder mystery series.

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