The Inner Fix*

Have an amazing day at the Self Love Summit yesterday. Here we are at drinks at the Hilton on Friday night:

Wake up at seven o’clock yesterday morning so can have hotel breakfast before the event. Then we walk there from the hotel.

Here is beautiful, wonderful Mel Wells talking:

We learn a special Goddess dance with Zoe McNulty from the School of Strut.

Persia Lawson gives a hilarious talk.

Ben Bidwell – The Naked Professor – talks about Masculinity and Self Love which is fascinating. He is my favourite.

Then go with some of the Goddesses for drinks at The Parlour. Here we are:

Have such a lovely time with my chums.

One of the speakers (can’t remember which one) tells us to have a Good News friend to exchange pieces of Good News with, so we have set up a Good News Goddesses WhatsApp group.

Manage to stay awake All Day yesterday and we’re out till eight o’clock last night.

Have a good night of sleep at my hotel last night and then go to the hotel gym this morning. If there is a gym, I will find it:

Arrive back at the flat to No Sofa. The Nest has gone. New sofa arrives tomorrow but for the moment have to lie on a Pilates mat on the floor to watch my television. There is a programme about Wimbledon Rivalries as Wimbledon starts tomorrow! At last!

Am lying in bed writing this as I have no sofa. The panther lies next to me, resting his head on my shoulder. My shoulder hurts because of too many Side Bends in Pilates on Friday.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2016. By Persia Lawson and Joey Bradford. Self help book.

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