The Cat Who Brought Down The House*

Have a lovely walk with Dolly in the sunshine this morning. Here we are:

Dolly rolls around in the grass:

Look how beautiful she is:

Love her so much. Give her lots of kisses and cuddles: she’s my precious angel.

We make it back to Dolly’s house just before the rain starts. There is no play at Queens all day due to the rain. Have lunch and a sleep.

Now we’re watching Kevin Anderson versus Cameron Norris recorded yesterday, which I’ve already seen but Mum hasn’t.

Fluffball stays out in the heavy rain but is in now. Here he is:

He shouts at Mum loudly for food and she obeys his command.

“Fluffball says nobody’s given him any food all day,” Mum says.

“That’s not true,” I say. “I fed him at lunchtime and so did Dad.”

Am on the grey sofa under my furry blanket. The panther lies on the floor at my feet. It’s nearly supper time which will be tofu, couscous and cabbage. Am looking forward to it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2003. By Lillian Jackson Braun. Book 25 in The Cat Who series of mystery novels.

You Will Know Me*

Really don’t feel like going to my training today but of course I make it there and work hard and trainer is pleased with me. Here’s my chest press:

Back at the flat I watch Medvedev beat Verdasco at Queens and Cilic beat some new young chap. At long last it’s the grass court season, for which we wait all year. Going to Queens with Mum on Thursday and am so much looking forward to it.

Have lunch and a sleep. Then Suzy visits for a much-needed chat.

Now I’m watching Cameron Norrie versus Kevin Anderson recorded earlier. Norrie has just taken the first set 6 – 4: he broke Anderson early in the set – in the first game I think. Anderson has been off with tennis elbow for a while apparently. You will remember him beating Roger last year at Wimbledon but he hasn’t come back into that sort of form just yet.

Am in the nest with the panther. He rests his chin on his front paws and stares at the ball bouncing back and forth across the screen.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2016. By Megan Abbott. Murder mystery novel.

Murder Most Unladylike*

Sleep till 9.20am. Wake up, force self out of bed and walk to the gym. Here I am:

Do four sets of all my weights. Walk home from gym. It’s a warmish sunny day and take sweater off but end up putting it back on again.

Have lunch and watch an episode of The Killer In My Family about Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker”. Spend ages writing a plan for today’s Pilates session with my cousin, so that’s good work for my course.

Meditate and sleep. Now am sitting up in bed writing this and drinking coffee. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head on my shoulder.

My cousin will be here at six o’clock for an hour of Pilates and then I have an episode of Midsomer Murders recorded to watch.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2014. By Robin Stevens. Book 1 in the Wells and Wong children’s mystery series.

Murder In The Marais*

See my psychiatrist Dr Stein at 9.30am. He is pleased that mood isn’t even lower and thinks that the lurasidone does make some difference.

Work hard at Barre and then have a coffee with my beautiful friend in the above photo – who is sadly moving to Paris in ten days – and my lovely teacher. It is great to chat to them – haven’t been out with any friends for ages.

My parents have friends round for lunch. It’s good to see them. Then I have a sleep.

Dad drops me back at the flat. We measure the living room as finally a corner sofa is coming and we need to work out which way round to have it.

Have to post this now as am going out. Am lying on my front in the nest. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head on my back.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1998. By Cara Black. An Aimee Leduc mystery novel, set in Paris.

Take A Girl Like You*

Work hard at Spin. Here I am:

Then observe today’s Pilates class and write an Evaluation of it to go in the Practicum for my course. So it’s a small step in completing my work for the course but am So Pleased to have done this little thing. Show you:

Just need to do this for four more different classes now.

Then walk a lovely Labrador with Mum who is an occasional client:

Come home and have lunch and a sleep. Fluffball is in now:

Last night we watch the 1970 film of Take A Girl Like You – starring Hayley Mills and Oliver Reed. It is good but they change the ending from the book in a way that makes the whole thing not make sense I think.

Am on the grey sofa with Mum who is doing The Times crossword. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head in my lap.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1960. By Kingsley Amis. Romance novel, humorous fiction.

Kill For An Orchid*

Work hard at Spin. Here I am with The Master:

The lady in front of me brings her own fan, amusingly:

It rains all day. Someone has hardly been out at all:

You can’t see in the above photo but his allergy has got worse. Mum is going to start giving him his steroid pill every day, rather than one every two days. He’s been scratching above his eye.

Have lunch and then shell the peas whilst watching a Gardeners’ World special from the RHS Chatsworth show with Mum. Mum is upset as tennis keeps being cancelled due to the rain and she can’t do the tasks she wants to complete in the garden.

Mum wants you to know that she spends all afternoon polishing the orchids. Show you:

Have a long sleep this afternoon.

It had better not rain tomorrow when we have a dog to walk!

Now am under my furry blanket. The panther lies on the floor at my feet, resting his heavy head on his front paws. Mum sits next to me reading The Secret World: A History Of Intelligence by Christopher Andrew.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2009. By Michelle Wan. Book 4 in the Death In The Dordogne mystery series.

Death Dance*

Walk Gandalf and cuddle him in his house:

Then go to Barre:

I have some pain in my shoulders from too many Side Bends at the weekend so I have to put my weights down in the Warm Up. Do manage to do Arms with 2kg weights later in the class though. Barre cheers me up – it always does. One of my friends there is moving to Paris so we are trying to arrange a goodbye lunch for her.

Have lunch and then Mum’s friend comes to see us for a bit, which is lovely. Then have my sleep.

Wake up and Fluffball is in for the day:

It’s raining and has been raining on and off all day.

Am going to watch Puppy School before supper. Am sitting on the grey sofa with Mum and the panther, huddled under my blanket.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2006. By Linda Fairstein. Book 8 in the Alexandra Cooper mystery series.

Summer Of Rockets*

Still not quite recovered from the weekend. Mum takes me to walk Dolly. Kiss her and cuddle her. Dolly cuddles are the best medicine. Here we are:

When we leave Mum at the car, Dolly keeps looking back for her. She doesn’t like it if we’re not both with her, one of us on each side of her.

Mum brings me home and then she goes off to play bridge. I watch The Alan Clark Diaries, recorded last night on BBC4, which is wonderful and very funny. It stars John Hurt as Alan Clark and Jenny Agutter as his wife Jane.

Sleep all afternoon. Have just woken up and now am going to watch Summer Of Rockets with Dad – which we like but Mum doesn’t – before supper.

Fluffball is in for the day and sleeping on his favourite chair in the playroom:

Am huddled on the grey sofa under my furry blanket with the panther.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2019. Written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff. Stars Toby Stephens, Keeley Hawes, Lily Sacofsky and Linus Roache. Cold War drama following a Russian Jewish inventor and his family living in Britain.

Rain Fall*

Cancel Personal Training which I never ever do as can’t get out of bed this morning after a whole weekend of Pilates. My entire body aches, especially my shoulders as we do lots of Side Bends yesterday which I usually avoid due to the shoulder impact.

Mum picks me up and we go to Sofology in the pouring rain. There is a teal velvet corner sofa with an open chaise on one side which I hope will be mine soon. Just need to measure the available space in the flat. Hope it will fit.

Am at the parentals a day early as am not feeling up to being at the flat on my own.

Sleep all afternoon. Wake up and move through to the sitting room where am huddled on the grey sofa under my furry blanket. The panther lies with his heavy head on my legs.

Fluffball is in my bed:

He’s had a bad day today: he’s hardly been out at all and is grumpy and very hungry.

It is raining through the windows over the steps which have puddles on them.

Dad is reading The Times in his chair. Mum is making supper in the kitchen.

It had better not be raining next Thursday when we’re at Queens watching the tennis.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2018. By Ella West. Murder mystery novel set in New Zealand.

The Murders In The Rue Morgue*

It’s 6.59pm. Have not only achieved a whole weekend of Pilates but have just washed hair too. Well done me.

Today goes well – mainly. Teach a warm up this morning and forget to teach them about breathing. Other than that, warm up is good. We have a session this afternoon where we learn three new moves – The Teaser, The Rollover and The Seal. Am able to perform The Seal and The Rollover but The Teaser is beyond me at the moment. Will have to build up to it.

Walk back to Blackfriars station but it is closed. Oh no! Turn round and walk back down Blackfriars Road to Southwark underground station where catch tube to West Hampstead and an Uber from there to home.

Am sitting on my bed in my towel. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head in my lap.

Am so proud of myself for achieving a whole weekend of Pilates, despite the presence of the panther.

The one sad thing is that I miss Rafa winning his twelfth French Open title. Mazal tov to Rafa!

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1841. By Edgar Allan Poe. Short story published in Graham’s Magazine. The first modern detective story.