The Long Goodbye*

It’s a sad day at Cyclezone today: The Master’s last class. Here we are with The Boss:

They do a team teach with The Boss taking the first fifteen minutes, The Master taking the rest of the class which The Boss films. The Princess rides up front too. It’s very sad: going to miss The Master so much – he’s always been so kind to me.

My friend takes me home and we have a coffee in the garden. Fluffball is lying on the rockery between a few of the plants with his tail stretched out behind him. We see blue tits feeding on the fat balls.

Mum brings me back to the flat. Have a sleep and then my cousin comes for her Pilates lesson, which goes well.

Now am lying on my bed with the panther. He rests his head on my back so I can’t move. Soon will make some supper. Have an episode of Midsomer Murders to watch later. Will have supper at the dining room table: have a rule that am not allowed to eat whilst on the beautiful new sofa. Wonder for how long will be able to keep this up.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1953. By Raymond Chandler. The sixth Philip Marlowe detective novel.

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