We’ve all got crowns 👑

You need to come Down

From the elevated marble halls

You cook and cook and eat golf🏌️‍♀️ balls 🎱

You’re a sea otter in the bay

Oh how I miss Monterey

Plastic invades every day

You crack a sea urchin with a rock

And now you are going to block

Fade it back now, fade to grey

It’s a sunny, sunny 🌞 ☀️ day

40 purple flowers on Morning Glory

Mum’s garden blooms now that’s a story

Come into the garden Maud

You say but then she will get bored

You elevate your mood on clouds

The fan it whirrs it’s very loud

The ice cream van draws quite a cloud

It was a mobile gas chamber then

When the world was ruled by Aryan men

The hardest word now is no bid

That’s what Mum says coz of bridge

People are trying each other to outbid

Why can’t you just put a lid

On it the Tupperware is lost

The raft it will be tempest tossed

Caliban is very furry

But my mind now it is blurry

Or is it Chewie – what a lad

Ewoks are just very bad

*2019. By Taylor Swift. Album. Brilliant.

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