When Heroes Fly*

Wake up at five o’clock this morning and start watching When Heroes Fly.

Pull a card for the day:

It’s The Hierophant: the card for my sign, Taurus. Also the card of teachers.

Wash hair in bath😆 🛀.

Meet @MadeByMaggie for lunch. It is lovely to see her.

Come home and unload washing machine and hang clothes on the airer . Then have sleep. My cleaner has been and flat is clean and tidy. Am curled up on my sofa drinking lemon 🍋 squash.

Watching When Heroes Fly and looking forward to walk with Dolly tomorrow and to seeing my Fluffball. Going to have an early night. Am looking forward to it.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2018. By Samuel Stewart Hunter and Luisa Plazas, Omri Givon and Amir Gutfreund. Directed by Omri Givon. Stars Michael Aloni, Tomer Capon, Ninet Tayeb and Nadav Netz.

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