Floral Depravity*

Have lovely walk with Dolly:

It is sunny and warm: quite different from the constant rain 🌧 of yesterday, which is good.

We pop in to the farm on the way home and how autumnal the trees are now:

Mum drives me back to the parental home and we sit in the garden with Fluffball:

Have a long sleep from 2pm to 5pm which I need as I wake up at 3am this morning again and watch When Heroes Fly and read my Tarot And Astrology book which is fascinating:

This morning Facebook pulls up a picture from six years ago:

It is baby Fluffball when he was smaller than a Cup A Soup.

Now we’re watching the last Gardeners’ World of the Season which is very sad.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2015. By Bethany Allen. A Bouquet Bridal Shop mystery, book 3, set in Virginia.

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