The Way Through The Woods*

Sleep from 8.30pm all the way through to 5.45am.

At breakfast time, give Fluffball his second breakfast:

Edit the first hundred pages of my novel.


Watch an episode of Inspector Morse whilst knitting.

Have managed some eating today: toast with lemon curd for breakfast; a ginger biscuit; some pineapple 🍍; toast with cottage cheese and avocado 🥑 for lunch; baked potato 🥔 with cottage cheese for supper.

Now am going back to bed.

Have to be better by tomorrow as am walking my darling Dolly. Looking forward to seeing her very much.

Fluffball is sleeping on the piano stool. Dad is at chess ♟; Mum is at literary society 📚. Looking forward to returning to bed in a minute.

Haven’t been sick again since yesterday lunchtime which is good.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1992. By Colin Dexter. The tenth Inspector Morse novel, set in Oxford. Received the 1992 Golden Dagger 🗡 Award.

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