Cat In A Neon Nightmare*

Today have been working on my Astrology Diploma. Have done the fifteen module tests: have been working hard.

Pop out to buy some food as travelled to the flat without any food yesterday.

It’s really cold today: think it was about four degrees when I set out this morning. Is lovely and warm in the flat.

Empty dishwasher finally.

Mum sent the above photo of Fluffball: I haven’t seen him sadly as returned to the flat before Mum collected him yesterday.

Tomorrow it’s the Champions Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall with Mum. Am really looking forward to it. Hope there are ball dogs πŸ• 🎾 again.

It’s so dark outside. Am just going to post this and then am going to find something to watch on my television.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2003. By Carole Nelson Douglas. A Midnight Louie mystery.

Andy Murray: Resurfacing*

Arrive home in the middle of the night to rain. Finally make it home from the airport. Dad had set the heating to come on at seven o’clock so parental home Not Freezing.

Collapse into bed.

Wake up at seven o’clock this morning and walk Gandalf at nine:

Make it to Pilates:

Catch the train 🚞 and bus 🚌 into town to try on the Hayley Menzies dress at the pop-up shop before it closes tomorrow. It’s perfect:

Pop into the office first and my colleague gives me back my scarf 🧣 which I knitted for boss who died. Happy to have it back but was very sad to return to the office.

Here are Minnie and Mouse πŸ… πŸ… in the shop:

Have lunch with my friend on Portobello Road.

Catch bus 🚌 home.

When I arrive at flat, my new Leonard Cohen album is here. Listen to it a bit then have a sleep.

Now am watching the brilliant documentary about Andy Murray’s recovery from his hip operations – Resurfacing – which has just been released on Amazon Prime. Urge you to watch it.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2019. Directed by Olivia Cappuchini. Documentary charting Andy Murray’s recovery from injuries and hip-resurfacing.

Farewell, My Lovely*

Leaving Abroad today and we’re really not ready to go home. Will miss this view:

And of course will miss my darling brother and all his friends, colleagues and the family members who live here. Can’t wait to be back at Easter.

Strip the bed and tidy up a bit.

Walk to the gym. Do light weights and some Pilates. Here I am:

After my Astrology Diploma need to do a Kabbalah Course. Here is the Kabbalah Centre in the same building as my gym:

There is a Tarot spread in that Tree of Life pattern.

Sitting on my balcony having a coffee and looking at the beautiful sea 🌊. Love it here so much.

We will have lunch here and then brother is driving us to the airport as no trains due to engineering works. At least we found that out yesterday in good time.

Am going to miss the sunshine, but, as I wrote yesterday, have plenty to which to look forward in December: Champions Tennis; Self Love Advent Challenge; meeting some Mel Wells Goddesses and some Persia Lawson Get Your Soulmate ladies; Astrology Diploma; Pilates Instructor Course work; Tarot Challenge.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1940. By Raymond Chandler. The second Philip Marlowe hardboiled detective novel. A classic.

Gym Rat And The Murder Club*

See my brother’s hardcore functional trainer for an exhausting session at the gym:

This person is there and comes over to me for a cuddle:

Then we go out for lunch.

Walk home, meditate and sleep.

Pack. Feel sad about going home tomorrow but looking forward to:

  1. Seeing my Fluffball.
  2. Pilates and Gandalf on Friday.
  3. Barre on Saturday.
  4. Returning to my flat.
  5. Champions Tennis 🎾 on Sunday yay!
  6. Self Love Advent Challenge in December.
  7. Meeting the Love Hub girls on 7th December for lunch.
  8. And some Goddess Collective ladies on 7th December for dinner.
  9. Dolly on Tuesday.

Dolly’s owners had mentioned me walking her twice a week starting soon so will remind them of that.

Am leaving books three and four of Knaussgard with brother.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2016. By Lawrence Block. Two short stories.

Murder Beach*

Wake up at 5.30am and finish my Knaussgard book. Wish that I’d brought books five and six of the series with now.

Am at the gym by seven where I do light weights and Pilates.

Mum’s cousin visits and we have lunch in a restaurant on the beach which is lovely. Sunbathe and even have a dip in the sea 🌊.

Really don’t want to go home. Am having such a good holiday.

Email the cattery this morning and they write back that Fluffball is happy. Am looking forward to seeing him at least and cuddling him.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2011. By Raymond Embrack. A Peter Surf detective novel.

Dancing In The Dark*

Wake up at seven o’clock and set off for the gym at quarter to nine.

See my brother’s trainer there. The owner of the gym is pleased to see me. Here I am:

Here is another gym client:

My abs hurt from training yesterday which I realise when I lie down on the gym floor to do some reverse curls.

Walk home.

Go with brother to pick up some felafel for lunch. The man in the shop shapes the balls, very quickly, using an ice cream scoop.

My brother’s friends visit for lunch. Finally, I can wear my Hayley Menzies Leopardess πŸ† playsuit:

Module 4 of the Mel Wells Intuitive Eaters Academy and some more of my Get Your Soulmate work.

Have a sleep.

Have started reading Book Four of the Knaussgard series. My Norwegian friend Lars appears in this book as a character named Nils Erik. He shared a house with Knaussgard when they were younger. Am not up to him yet.

Unload the dishwasher with brother and put my clothes away which Mum has just washed.

We are going out for dinner with one of my brother’s colleagues tonight.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2010. By Karl Ove Knaussgard. Book four in the My Struggle series.

Evil Under The Sun*

Hardcore functional training session this morning with my brother and his trainer. Many different abs exercises on the little skateboard πŸ›Ή here’s one:

Then we visit the beach:

Swim in the sea 🌊! In November!

Then have massive lunch in one of the beachfront restaurants.

Come back to the house for a sleep. Am so happy here. Wish we lived here.

They are going out for dinner and I’m going to stay here, do my Get Your Soulmate work and get cracking on the fourth Knaussgard book. Wish had brought more than two of the series with me as read almost a whole one on the plane.

Am so tired. Am back in bed. Had a great day. Looking forward to the gym tomorrow. Then a couple of brother’s friends are visiting us for lunch. Looking forward to seeing them.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1941. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel. One of my favourites.

Waterloo Sunset*

So last night we go to some friends of my brother for dinner. It is lovely but I leave about 8.20pm as am not an evening person these days.

Wake up this morning and have a bath. Do Modules 5 and 6 of Get Your Soulmate. Just Module 7 left now which is a big one: can see that the video is 36 minutes long.

Then we drive to my cousins in Herzliya for lunch which is Sabich: boiled egg, hummus, salad πŸ₯— and aubergine πŸ†. It is lovely and great to see my cousins and sit outside in the sunshine in November.

Wear my Joseph Ribkoff navy dress which I love:

My cousin has Bird of Paradise plants:

We arrive back in Haifa just in time for sunset πŸŒ…:

It’s so beautiful here: I don’t want to go home!

The cattery posts a photo of Fluffball enjoying his stay:

He is in his heated bed so I guess it’s cold at home. Let’s check…ten degrees and raining. Here it was twenty two today.

Tomorrow am seeing my brother’s trainer at ten at the gym for some hardcore functional training. Am looking forward to it.

Mum is making quiche for supper.

It’s been a year since I met my Advent Challenge Goddesses and started on my whole Mel Wells self improvement journey. So much has changed in a year: started my Pilates Instructor Course; qualified in Cryptozoology, Wicca and Tarot; started studying Astrology; attended the Self Love Summit and some Goddess brunches; started teaching Pilates. Wonder what next year holds. Hopefully a great relationship now I’m doing Get Your Soulmate. Am really looking forward to this year’s Advent Challenge with all my Goddess Chums. Am meeting some of them for dinner on 7th December and, somewhat annoyingly, meeting some of the Persia’s Love Hub girls for lunch that day. I hardly ever have plans and when I do, they have to be on the same day. Sigh πŸ˜”.

Have a short sleep this afternoon.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1967. Song by The Kinks from the album Something Else.

Boyhood Island*

Wake up in beautiful Haifa:

Have breakfast and then walk to the gym to join it. It’s sunny and hot and wear a vest top and shorts. Am in such a good mood in the sunshine. Wore my leg weights on the flight so have them with me so don’t feel anxious.

Pay for ten sessions: brother will take the ones I can’t fit in.

See some beautiful flowers on walk home:

Do Module Three work for Get Your Soulmate. Have to keep reading Persia’s book The Inner Fix for the GYS work so am glad that have it with me.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep.

Read most of Boyhood Island – the third book in the Knaussgard series – on the plane.

Now we’re going to brother’s friends for dinner.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2010. By Karl Ove Knaussgard. Biographical novel. Part 3 in the My Struggle trilogy.

Death In The Clouds*

Waiting at Luton airport for our flight ✈️.

I can’t remember whether or not I mentioned that I’ve joined the Persia Lawson Get Your Soulmate programme. Just started Module 1 and have the most special notebook to do my work in:

Look up the programme at

Right: in the queue for the gate now. Had to buy a new straw hat as forgot one. Also purchased food for lunch and supper at Pret.

We seem to be boarding now.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1935. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel.