Waterloo Sunset*

So last night we go to some friends of my brother for dinner. It is lovely but I leave about 8.20pm as am not an evening person these days.

Wake up this morning and have a bath. Do Modules 5 and 6 of Get Your Soulmate. Just Module 7 left now which is a big one: can see that the video is 36 minutes long.

Then we drive to my cousins in Herzliya for lunch which is Sabich: boiled egg, hummus, salad 🥗 and aubergine 🍆. It is lovely and great to see my cousins and sit outside in the sunshine in November.

Wear my Joseph Ribkoff navy dress which I love:

My cousin has Bird of Paradise plants:

We arrive back in Haifa just in time for sunset 🌅:

It’s so beautiful here: I don’t want to go home!

The cattery posts a photo of Fluffball enjoying his stay:

He is in his heated bed so I guess it’s cold at home. Let’s check…ten degrees and raining. Here it was twenty two today.

Tomorrow am seeing my brother’s trainer at ten at the gym for some hardcore functional training. Am looking forward to it.

Mum is making quiche for supper.

It’s been a year since I met my Advent Challenge Goddesses and started on my whole Mel Wells self improvement journey. So much has changed in a year: started my Pilates Instructor Course; qualified in Cryptozoology, Wicca and Tarot; started studying Astrology; attended the Self Love Summit and some Goddess brunches; started teaching Pilates. Wonder what next year holds. Hopefully a great relationship now I’m doing Get Your Soulmate. Am really looking forward to this year’s Advent Challenge with all my Goddess Chums. Am meeting some of them for dinner on 7th December and, somewhat annoyingly, meeting some of the Persia’s Love Hub girls for lunch that day. I hardly ever have plans and when I do, they have to be on the same day. Sigh 😔.

Have a short sleep this afternoon.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1967. Song by The Kinks from the album Something Else.

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