Gym Rat And The Murder Club*

See my brother’s hardcore functional trainer for an exhausting session at the gym:

This person is there and comes over to me for a cuddle:

Then we go out for lunch.

Walk home, meditate and sleep.

Pack. Feel sad about going home tomorrow but looking forward to:

  1. Seeing my Fluffball.
  2. Pilates and Gandalf on Friday.
  3. Barre on Saturday.
  4. Returning to my flat.
  5. Champions Tennis 🎾 on Sunday yay!
  6. Self Love Advent Challenge in December.
  7. Meeting the Love Hub girls on 7th December for lunch.
  8. And some Goddess Collective ladies on 7th December for dinner.
  9. Dolly on Tuesday.

Dolly’s owners had mentioned me walking her twice a week starting soon so will remind them of that.

Am leaving books three and four of Knaussgard with brother.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2016. By Lawrence Block. Two short stories.