Cat In A Neon Nightmare*

Today have been working on my Astrology Diploma. Have done the fifteen module tests: have been working hard.

Pop out to buy some food as travelled to the flat without any food yesterday.

It’s really cold today: think it was about four degrees when I set out this morning. Is lovely and warm in the flat.

Empty dishwasher finally.

Mum sent the above photo of Fluffball: I haven’t seen him sadly as returned to the flat before Mum collected him yesterday.

Tomorrow it’s the Champions Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall with Mum. Am really looking forward to it. Hope there are ball dogs 🐕 🎾 again.

It’s so dark outside. Am just going to post this and then am going to find something to watch on my television.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2003. By Carole Nelson Douglas. A Midnight Louie mystery.

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