A Borrowing Of Bones*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Cuddle Fluffball before he goes to the cattery:
  2. Walk Gandalf and cuddle him:
  3. Work hard at Barre:
  4. Grapple with my suitcase. Take quite a lot of clothes out but it’s still full 🤦‍♀️.
  5. Now we are watching a programme about dogs with extraordinary jobs.

It’s So Dark already at 4.48pm. Can’t wait to go to Abroad tomorrow.

It is very lonely and sad at the house without Fluffball. Hope he is OK at the cattery and receiving his extra cuddles.

In tragic news: the Davis Cup is only on Eurosport so we can’t watch it which is a disgrace: Andy is playing! Rafa wins his match last night which gives him a 25 – 0 record in Davis Cup matches which is incredible 💓.

Yesterday visit the one medical professional who is pleased with me: my dentist. She is pleased with me and so is the hygienist.

Also walk my Dolly yesterday with Suzy:

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2018. By Paula Munier. Stars Mercy Carr and retired military K9 Elvis. Set in Vermont.

The Queen’s Rising*

Sleep from about 9.30pm last night till 7.15am this morning.

Walk to gym early in the sunshine. Here I am:

When I return home, watch the video for Module Three of the Intuitive Eaters Academy and post my findings in the Facebook group.

Pack. Suitcase is stuffed full as usual. Am just taking four tarot decks and not the seven I laid out on the bed yesterday.

My friend who is doing a Paychology degree interviews me for an hour for her dissertation which is about the impact of prayer on wellbeing.

Meditate but don’t sleep.

Am watching The Crown 👑 series three: it’s so good. Charles Dance has just turned up as Mountbatten.

Suzy is coming round later.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2018. By Rebecca Ross. Children’s novel.

The Rich Die Hard*

  • Achievements Of The Day:
    1. Walk to gym and am there by 8.29am.
      Do four sets of all my weights. Here I am:
      Finish my Knaussgard book.
      Drag case out from under bed and start setting out stuff to take on holiday. So far it’s just my a hoodie, my raincoat and seven tarot decks but will finish packing tomorrow.
      Have bath.
      Watch the first couple of episodes of Series 3 of The Crown which has just dropped on Netflix. Olivia Colman is now playing the Queen and Helena Bonham Carter is Princess Margaret.
      Now am watching the final of the tennis which is Dominic Thiem vs Stefanos Tsitsipas. Prefer Domi a bit but am not that bothered who wins which is nice.
      Do a collage for the first time in a while:

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    *1957. By Beverley Nichols. A Mr Green detective novel.

    Darker Than The Deepest Sea*

    Go to bed last night at 8.30pm and sleep all the way through to 8.15am this morning which is good.

    Give Fluffball his second breakfast and a cuddle.

    See my psychiatrist and he is pleased with me.

    Work hard at Barre.

    Dad brings me back to the flat. Feed the birds and see my wood pigeons 🐦 🐦 having their lunch.

    Watch Roger lose the first set to Tsitsipas. Meditate but can’t sleep.

    Read my book. It’s the second one in the Knaussgard series. Have about 70 pages left. Will finish tomorrow as have Domi vs Sascha at 8pm and haven’t done any tarot yet today.

    This time next week will be in Abroad: can’t wait.

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    *2006. By Trevor Dann. The search for Nick Drake. Biography.

    Winter Games*

    Watch Roger pulverise Novak 6 – 2, 6 – 3 last night. Won’t be surprised if Novak is injured: he clutches his elbow at one point.

    Sleep all the way through till 8.15am this morning. Then go to Pilates and write lots of notes on the class: so many that am able to do the second half of the class. Pleased with self for returning to my Pilates Instructor Course work: still have So Much of it to do, but at least have made a start. Going to work hard on it in December when I return from Israel.

    Watch the first set of Rafa’s match which Tsitsipas wins on a tiebreak. Have a sleep, wake up and they’re still playing. Rafa has taken the second set and wins the third 7 – 5. Now he needs Medvedev to win tonight if he’s going to through.

    Rafa is, however, the oldest year end number one at thirty three and has the longest ever gap between first time of being year end number one (2008) and latest time as year end number one – eleven years.

    Such is the beauty of Amazon Prime that I can now watch the second set which I missed.

    In the photo you can see the fluffy monster on the dining room table trying to persuade us to give him a second lunch.

    Mum plays bridge this afternoon and charges Dad and me with the task of finding Fluffball and getting him in before dark. At 3.15pm before my sleep I find him resting on the hall sofa and shut the cat flap.

    Fingers crossed for Medvedev to win tonight. I won’t be able to watch it as my aunt and uncle are coming for dinner.

    Happy Friday everyone!

    *2012. By Rachel Johnson. Historical novel set in Munich 1936.

    No Mercy*

    Achievements Of The Day

    1. Sleep from about 9pm last night till Mum and Fluffball wake me up at 8.30am.
    2. Have got my old oncologist back. It’s so lovely to see him. Really feel that he understands me and is on my side.
    3. Train with my lovely Pilates and Barre teacher who is now my personal trainer too. We do some more difficult Pilates moves and arms and chest:
    4. Have lunch and then watch Berrettini finally won a match against Thiem.
    5. Have a sleep.
    6. Now it’s Roger vs Novak which is a must-win match for both of them. So far Roger is a break up and serving brilliantly at 4 – 2. Come on Roger. He needs to win for Rafa to retain the World Number 1 ranking. Roger keeps winning his serve to love which cheers us up: am watching with Mum.
    7. Feeling much more positive today after Rafa’s brilliant almost impossible victory.
    8. Tomorrow am going to write up the Pilates class for my Practicum. Am getting on with my Pilates Instructor Course work again.

    Happy Thursday everyone!

    *2019. By Martina Cole. Crime fiction novel.

    A Whisker In The Dark*

    Wake up at 4.50am and watch Domi and Novak’s match from last night which is a tight three set thriller containing two tiebreaks which Domi wins.

    Catch train to the parentals. See this person:

    Really don’t feel like it, but attend Barre. Of course once I’m there it’s fine. Here I am:

    When I get home, send my reworked novel to my agent. So that’s one thing to cross off the list. Am waiting for an email from her about the Memoir so will need to do more work on that.

    Watch Rafa’s match until he gets broken near the start of the third set. Go for my sleep. Wake up and he’s won the match: saving a Matchpoint at 1 – 5 down and coming back to win the match in the tiebreak. This is why he’s the World Number 1 and the 🐐: he never, ever, ever gives up.

    Watch the replay of the last set of Rafa’s match and he is indeed wonderful and inspiring. He’s such a fighter.

    Have bath and supper. Now it’s Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Sascha Zverev and although I prefer Sascha a bit, like Stefanos too. It’s nice to watch a match without being overly invested in the result.

    Happy Wednesday everyone!

    *2019. By Leighann Dobbs. An Oyster Cove Guesthouse mystery.

    A Darkness More Than Night*

    Sleep all the way through till 6.30am this morning, probably because I stay up late last night, watching Rafa losing his match.

    Walk Dolly and kiss and cuddle her. She’s such an angel:

    We have a pleasant time in the sunshine.

    Have lunch and a sleep. Am excited as am going to hear Shelley von Strunckel the astrologer giving a talk tonight at the Royal Institution with my cousin.

    Just watching Roger vs Matteo Berrettini from earlier. Already know that Roger wins.

    It’s only four o’clock in the afternoon and it’s already dark. Hate November. Can’t wait to be with my brother in Abroad in nine days.

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

    *2001. By Michael Connelly. The seventh Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch detective novel, set in Los Angeles.

    The Winter Garden Mystery*

    Have been sleeping this afternoon but Still So Tired. Tempted to watch Roger vs Domi tomorrow morning and just to read my book in bed now. Am, of course, already in bed.

    Walk to the gym in the sunshine really early: am there by 8.45am. Here I am at the gym:

    Come home and watch some of the Remembrance Sunday coverage which, as always, I find really moving.

    My acer is looking beautiful:

    And my pot of cyclamens:

    See a great tit having his lunch and my wood pigeons, a magpie and a robin.

    Watch some more episodes of Hitler’s Circle Of Evil. Must’ve nearly finished the series now.

    Right: am going to return to Knaussgard.

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    *2009. By Carola Dunn. A Daisy Dalrymple mystery novel.

    Tulip Fever*

    Wake up at four o’clock this morning again. See Fluffball staring out of the playroom window:

    Then fall back asleep till half past six.

    We visit the garden centre where the Christmas 🎄 displays are up:

    Visit the chemist to purchase mouth ulcer gel.

    Make it to Barre but am very tearful at the start. Luckily I work hard and it cheers me up to exercise and see my chums.

    Mum takes me back to the flat where she plants bulbs in all my pots: miniature irises, daffodils 🌼 and tulips 🌷: it will be good when they come up in the Spring.

    Find my very good mouth ulcer treatment at the flat which purchased a while ago: it’s called Iglu and numbs the pain.

    Have a sleep then watch a new Nazi series that have found on Netflix: Hitler’s Circle of Evil. It is good.

    It’s very dark and cold and raining outside. On the plus side: the ATP Tour Finals starts tomorrow and will see Rafa playing on Monday.

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    *1999. By Deborah Moggach. Historical novel.