Hidden Bodies*

Have a lovely walk with Dolly. We walk around Primrose Hill. Kiss and cuddle her. Love her so much.

Mum brings me back to the flat. Have lunch and do my Tarot Challenge. Today I pull the Ace Of Swords πŸ—‘ from The Naked Heart πŸ’“ Tarot Deck. Like all aces, this one stands for new beginnings. Happy New Year everyone.

I’m going to my aunt and uncle and from there on to my cousins. Tonight we are going to watch a film πŸŽ₯ to round off the decade. Am going to stay the night there.

Pack my tiny suitcase 🧳 and it’s at the foot of my bed. Cleaner comes today so have clean 🧼 and tidy house 🏑. Watch a couple more episodes of You. It’s so good: I don’t want it to end.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2016. By Caroline Kepnes. The sequel to You: adapted into the second series of You.


Last night is the final night of Chanukah πŸ•Ž so we light the candles πŸ•― and sing 🎢 Maoz Tsur.

Have a good, long sleep and wake up at 7.30am. Persia Lawson does a live stream with her fiancΓ© Joe in the Get Your Soulmate group so I watch that whilst I have my breakfast. It’s excellent. In 2020 I am going to find my Soulmate and acquire my Newfoundland πŸ• πŸ’“. See my Dolly tomorrow: can’t wait to see her.

It’s a sunny day 🌞 when I walk to the gym. Do four sets of all my weights.

Come home and have lunch, meditate and sleep.

Wake up and do my Tarot Challenge using the Initiatory Golden Dawn Tarot Deck. Pull VI: The Lovers. As you can see: this card is Roger Freeing Angelica which you know is a favourite painting of mine that I’ve written a poem about.

I’m watching You. On Series 2 and it’s still So Good.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2014. By Caroline Kepnes. Thriller. Adapted into a television series in 2018. Series 2 is based on the sequel Hidden Bodies.

The Two Popes*

Wake up at 5.30am and watch some more of You which is really good. Recommend it. It’s on Netflix and is about a stalker played by Penn Badgley (Dan from Gossip Girl).

Walk into Golders Green and buy more Chanukah πŸ•Ž candles and two more phone charger cables. My phone is a bit unwell: one of its charging ports is broken.

Write my Tarot Challenge post. Pull the Three Of Cups from my Crow Tarot deck which is one of my favourites:

The Three Of Cups is about socialising with friends and family so today go with brother to the Curzon Bloomsbury to watch The Two Popes which is about Pope Benedict XVI – played by Anthony Hopkins – and Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio – played by Jonathan Pryce – who goes on to become Pope Francis. Brilliant acting: stellar performances by the lead actors – and a wonderful examination of the human condition and religious faith. It’s beautifully shot on location in Rome and the Vatican City and in Argentina. You can watch it on Netflix and highly recommend it. The script is brilliant and very funny.

Meditate but don’t sleep.

Now we are going to light the Chanukah πŸ•Ž candles and make some supper.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2019. Feature film written by Anthony McCarten. Directed by Fernando Meirelles. Stars Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce, Juan Minujin and Luis Gnecco.

The Silent Patient*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Finish reading Moonology πŸŒ’ – I know all about the moon now.
  2. Work really hard at Barre. My Yasmin is there for the last time before she returns to Paris.
  3. Have lunch with my family.
  4. Cuddle Fluffball.
  5. Back at the flat: unload the dishwasher.
  6. My Christmas cactus 🌡 is flowering.
  7. Watch my magpie, robin and great tits in the garden.
  8. Do two Tarot Challenge posts – the second one is for my friend.
  9. Meditate.
  10. Sleep.
  11. Watch an episode of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel with brother whilst we have supper.
  12. Finish watching Vikings.
  13. Now am watching You which has been recommended by a friend.
  14. Tidy up 🧹.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2019. By Alex Michaelides. Debut crime novel.


Wake up and start reading Moonology. It’s brilliant. It tells the reader how to use the different phases of the moon πŸŒ’ to set intentions and so on. It’s this month’s set book for my Mel Wells Goddess Collective.

Do my Tarot Challenge and pull the Queen πŸ‘‘ of Wands from my Silver Witchcraft Tarot deck. She is a very powerful Queen and in Rider-Waite-Smith she has a black cat at her feet for feminine mystique. My Silver Witchcraft deck lives in my Nemesis Now black cat box and I don’t use it as much as I’d like.

Do Pilates for an hour at the gym. Then watch Vikings. Brother takes me back to the parentals where I meditate and sleep and now am watching Vikings again.

Our next door neighbours are coming for dinner so must post this.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2016. By Yasmin Boland. Self help book.

The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding*

Have a lovely Christmas with my Aunties, Uncles, cousin, parents, brother and fantastic food.

Wear my Hayley Menzies Eden minidress πŸ….

As usual: rest in my Aunty’s bed. It is so lovely and warm at her house. Fall asleep before the Christmas Pudding but Mum brings some home for me.

Sleep well last night. Today am going on the Traditional Boxing Day Walk with Suzy and the others. It is raining 🌧 heavily and Fluffball is out in the rain. Hope he doesn’t get his apricot paws 🐾 wet.

Do my Tarot Challenge and pull the Four of Swords βš”οΈ which is the card for rest and relaxation.

Have a good long sleep last night. Clean my lenses this morning. Realise that picked up someone else’s glasses by mistake last night. They probably belong to my Aunty.

Have my Christmas πŸŽ„ breakfast of banana 🍌 with Brandy Butter 🧈. It is delicious.

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

*1960. By Agatha Christie. The only short story collection that contains both Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple mysteries.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas*

Happy Christmas everyone πŸŽ„. Wake up at eight o’clock this morning and go for a walk with Mum into the village.

Have lunch and an afternoon sleep. Cuddle Fluffball. Write my Tarot Challenge post and my Mel Wells Advent Challenge post.

Now we are going to my Aunty to see my uncles and cousins.

Happy Christmas πŸŽ„ everyone!

*1938. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective fiction.

Murder On The Orient Express*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Wake up at eight o’clock this morning after a good night’s sleep.
  2. Yesterday we start watching the new series of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel: brother is here from Abroad and he made me promise not to start watching it without him.
  3. We walk Dolly and cuddle her.
  4. Buy some irises and orange tulips for Dolly’s owners. It is their first Christmas without both of their parents. They are orphans now 😭.
  5. Brother comes back to the flat with me.
  6. We watch the 1974 Albert Finney version of Murder On The Orient Express which is on BBC2. It’s the best version.
  7. Brother goes to training and I finish the film on my own.
  8. Meditate and sleep.
  9. Wake up and do Tarot Challenge. Pull the King of Swords which is a good card for my brother as he’s analytical, powerful and a great king.
  10. Do my Gratitude list for the Mel Wells Advent Challenge. It is twenty things for which am grateful.
  11. Clean my contact lenses.
  12. This evening we’re going to see my uncle who is visiting from the Czech Republic and will meet the fluffy monster for the first time.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

*1934. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel. One of my favourites.

The Latke In The Library*

Go for a walk this morning in the sunshine 🌞. Watch Vikings. Hang the washing on the airer. Speak to a couple of friends.

Watch my blue tits, great tits, robin, wood pigeons and magpies in the garden.

Today’s card for my Tarot Challenge is the Daughter of Pentacles from the Kim Krans Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

Mum has discovered in the Christmas The Sunday Times Culture that Gone With The Wind isn’t on, so we will have to rent it from Amazon Prime. Can’t wait to be in front of it in my dressing gown with a box of tissues 😭.

Am going to make some supper and watch Vikings.

Today is the first night of Chanukah πŸ•Ž so I light my Triceratops Chanukiah and say the blessing.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2016. By Libi Astaire. A humorous Chanukah πŸ•Ž themed homage to Agatha Christie.

Of Human Bondage*

Last night we watch Of Human Bondage: the 1964 version starring Kim Novak, Laurence Harvey and Robert Morley. It’s wonderful. Definitely recommend it: apparently it’s better than the Bette Davis 1934 film.

Take some cat food and tennis balls 🎾 to the Animal Welfare Trust with Mum. They are very grateful and say that people have been generous this Christmas. The animals will have turkey πŸ¦ƒ for lunch on Christmas πŸŽ„ Day.

Work hard at Barre. My friend Yas is back from Paris for a bit and my teacher lends me some reindeer antlers: it’s our last Barre class before Christmas.

Have lunch with Yas and my lovely teacher at Daisy’s in the village. It’s great to go out with my chums.

Parentals return next to the flat and watch a couple of episodes of Vikings and meditate and sleep.

Do my Tarot Challenge with my Aleister Crowley Thoth Deck which I haven’t used much yet as I’ve been concentrating on learning Rider-Waite-Smith and this deck is very different.

Now am going to have some supper.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1915. By William Somerset Maugham. It is generally agreed to be his masterpiece and to be strongly autobiographical in nature. Maugham stated “This is a novel, not an autobiography; though much in it is autobiographical, more is pure invention”.