The Tiger’s Cave*

Wake up and watch Rafa winning his first round match. He has a beautiful fluorescent pink top.

Have a lovely walk in the sunshine with Dolly.

Then we go to the Zoo.

Walk through the African Bird Safari:

See Asim having his lunch:

When he pokes his paw into his toy to release the treats he looks just like Fluffball. Sumatran tigers 🐅 are critically endangered: there are only five hundred left in the wild so he needs a mate. It is not his fault that he killed Melati by mistake when they were mating.

We see the lions 🦁 sleeping:

Then we sit outside and have our lunch.

Crossing in the tunnel to the other side of the Zoo, we meet new baby Star the tamandua. They have an eleven month gestation period so he/ she – tamanduas are notoriously difficult to sex – is already advanced and we see her climbing about above her mum, feeding already.

Downstairs in Moonlight World we spend some time with the slender lorises. They pick their way slowly along their branches.

Then it’s time for the Pygmy hippos 🦛 – here’s Nicky:

The giraffes 🦒:

The African Wild Dogs:

And then home.

When we arrive Fluffball is in. It’s a beautiful sunny day today but cold: about one degree.

Have a long sleep till six o’clock this evening.

Now am going to find something to watch on the television. There’s no phone or internet here as a car crashed into the box in the road.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2010. By Bill Rogers. A DCI Tom Caton Manchester Murder Mystery series, Book 3.

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