Psychic Tarot*

Watch a new episode of Midsomer Murders last night about dancers. It is very good. The new series is excellent: look it up on the ITV player.

Have a long sleep and don’t wake up till 7.44am. Cuddle Fluffball.

This morning’s card is the Ace Of Wands from my Fantastical Creatures Tarot Deck:

The animal is a simurgh which is half-bird, half-mammal and lived in the secret mountains ⛰ where the sacred Tree 🌲 of Life cured all diseases. This prophetic creature also had magickal powers, great wisdom and healing feathers.

According to ancient Persian poetry, the powerful giant Rustam worked with the simurgh to defeat evil.

On this card, the simurgh’s powerful wand represents opportunities for change. The simurgh’s legendary wisdom can help you make correct choices. The half-formed faces in the massive stones symbolise the latent power of intention.

Divinatory Meaning: Past efforts and thoughts directed toward change allow you to take on a new role or make radical changes in your lifestyle. Freedom from restraints.

Magickal Uses: Use the Ace Of Wands as a focal point in meditations when you desire great changes in your life.

So I call on the simurgh to help me and finish reading Psychic Tarot. Hoping to become more psychic and intuitive in my readings.

Work hard at Pilates despite pain in abs from yesterday’s training.

My friend picks me up from the farm and we go to Daisy’s for lunch. Have the superfood salad 🥗 with halloumi:

My friend drops me home and meditate and sleep.

Wake up at 5.45pm. Another lovely long sleep.

Fluffball is still sleeping:

Tonight will be having my spinach and mushroom 🍄 bottomless quiche. Please send thoughts and prayers as still no WiFi or telephone ☎️ at parentals. It may be absent for several weeks according to BT.

Tonight we will watch a Poirot or Marple after supper and will do some knitting 🧶.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2011. By Nancy C. Antenucci and Melanie A. Howard. Learn to read tarot cards using your own psychic skills and gain new levels of inspiration, guidance and insight. Guidebook.

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