Murder With Peacocks*

Yesterday I walk Gandalf. It’s a cold but sunny day. He finds a stick but doesn’t manage to carry it home. I work hard at Barre. Am brave at my blood tests at the cancer hospital. Domi beats darling Rafa which is very sad.

Today I watch Novak beating an injured Roger. Have a bath 🛀. Catch the train to parentals and see Fluffball. See the above peacock 🦚 at the farm. Work really hard at training. Have a sleep.

I’ve just woken up after a long sleep and completed Module One of my Feline Behaviour and Psychology course. It’s spaghetti for supper.

I’m going to study Fluffball’s behaviour for my course and make sure his needs are being met.

Big day tomorrow starting at 8.30am when Domi plays Sascha. So there will be a Next Gen player in the final on Sunday. I hope it’s Sascha but Domi on great form.

Am drinking a ginger drink for my nausea. Tomorrow I’m doing a Tarot Reading for one of Mum’s friends after Pilates.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1999. By Donna Andrews. A Meg Lanslow mystery Book One.

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