The Shy Tulip Murders*

I wake up and then do my Pilates class on Zoom. It is good to see my lovely teacher. I am determined to regain my fitness: have Barre over Zoom on Monday and Wednesday.

We have lunch in the garden. The tulips 🌷 have started to open and they are meant to be pink and purple, but as you can see, some of them are red:

Meditate and sleep. When I wake up I sit in the garden and read my book. Now my parents are talking to their friends on Zoom.

Today’s card is perfect for lockdown. It’s the Hermit who stands for contemplation and solitude:

I’m writing this lying on my bed. The panther lies next to me, resting his head on his front paws. Every so often he flicks an ear or twitches the tip of his tail in his sleep.

Now I must have my bath 🛀.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1996. By Rebecca Rothenberg. Book 3 in the Claire Sharples mystery series.

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