Last night we watch Spellbound which is wonderful.

This morning do my Barre 🩰 class over Zoom, which works pretty well. It is good to see my lovely teacher.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep.

Here are Mum’s seedlings 🌱:

They are:

  1. Coriander
  2. Gardener’s Delight tomatoes
  3. Tigerella tomatoes
  4. Green Zebra tomatoes
  5. Yellow cosmos
  6. Pink zinnias
  7. Orange zinnias
  8. Blue morning glory

Fluffball is in now:

Mum washes my hair over the sink.

I still need to do my Tarot For Growth April post. Am lying on my bed with my hair wrapped up in a towel. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head on my shoulder.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1945. Feature film. Stars Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


  1. Harriet · April 13, 2020

    Dear Cordelia, I just watched the Stephen Fry documentaries about bipolar. I just wanted to find out how you are doing, as you have been through so much. I’m really pleased to see you are bearing up during this very weird time. Also, you have excellent taste in film (Witness, Bringing up Baby, Hitchcock). Keep at it, you are amazing. xxx

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