The Chicken Soup Murder*

Today I go for a walk with Mum up to the fields where we hope there will soon be cows and their calves. We see some chickens:

And a beautiful oak tree 🌳 with very bright green new leaves:

It is a sunny day again which is good. This lockdown would be far worse if it was raining and we couldn’t go for our walks.

Sit in the garden with Mum and read my book. Then it is lunchtime. After lunch I meditate and sleep.

Wake up at 4.45pm and have coffee ☕️ and an apple 🍎.

Mum catches Fluffball and we give him his pill.

Now must have my bath 🛀 and then hopefully can find some tennis to watch.

Am lying on my bed writing this. The panther lies next to me. He is cleaning himself: he rasps his flank with his rough tongue.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2018. By Maria Donovan. Crime fiction and coming of age story.

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