Cards On The Table*

Last night we watch Cards On The Table which is one of my favourite Poirot episodes.

Zoom Barre this morning which is great but tough. I’m definitely not as fit as I was before Lockdown.

Speak to my psychiatrist Dr Stein and tell him how low mood is. He advises to put my antidepressant dose up to combat the panther. He says that all his patients are unhappy in Lockdown.

Have lunch in the garden, then meditate and sleep till 4.45pm.

There is a bud on the tree peony:

And buds on the orange azalea in the front garden:

Mum calls Fluffball in the front garden and he trots down the road to us. He rolls in the road when he reaches us, covering himself in dirt and bits of twig. Now he is inside looking out of the window:

Sometimes when he is all curled up one forgets how gorgeous he is. Look at that beautiful boy.

Am writing this on my bed and the panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head in the small of my back.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1936. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel.


  1. iamthesunking · April 26, 2020

    Fluffball is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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