Sudden Fear*

Dad finds the Joan Crawford thriller Sudden Fear on Amazon Prime so we watch that last night. Recommend it.

This morning I have my weekly Zoom chat with my besties. It is good to see them.

Then drive with Mum up to Aldenham where we go for a walk in the woods. We see bluebells:

And lilac:

We meet a gorgeous Rough Collie called Simba but we are not allowed to touch him due to social distancing.

Message Gandalf’s owner to see how he is but haven’t heard back yet.

We have lunch in the garden. Apparently this is the last hot day for a while.

Meditate and sleep till five o’clock. Then sit in the garden for a bit.

Am lying on my bed writing this and the panther sits on the windowsill looking out over the garden. The tip of his tail twitches.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1952. Feature film. Stars Joan Crawford and Jack Palance.

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