The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul*

Last night watch Gardeners’ World with Mum and a couple of episodes of The English Game which we are enjoying.

Do Zoom Barre again this morning. It seems to be getting harder. My teacher explains that this is because there are no breaks online as there are in real life as we’re all muted.

Bad day thinking about Seb a lot. Will I ever stop thinking about him, I wonder. Pull the Three of Swords, which is an apt card for today as it’s the card of heartbreak:

Play with Fluffball with his piece of elastic which is fun for both of us. He is in now:

He was sitting with me but has now gone to sit with Mum in the hall. Mum is on the phone. She is always on the phone these days.

Am sitting on the sofa in the living room and the panther lies next to me with his head in my lap. I stroke the soft back of his neck.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1988. By Douglas Adams. Fantasy detective novel: the second Dirk Gently mystery.

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