The Scent Of Blood*

The white peony is out now, and the big red poppies. I do Personal Training over FaceTime this morning and work hard and trainer is pleased with me. Zoom wasn’t working. Hope it will be better by Barre on Saturday.

Sit in the garden reading my book. It is warm and sunny 😎 🌞.

After lunch go for a drive with Mum. Then meditate and sleep. Wake up and have coffee ☕️ and melon 🍈.

My aunt and uncle arrive for a short visit in the garden.

Do my Tarot For Growth May challenge.

Now Fluffball is in and he is covered in twigs and leaves from rolling in the road. Silly boy.

We are having vegetable curry tonight and then Mum has Book Group so will watch Silent Witness with Dad.

Am writing this lying on my bed. The panther lies next to me on the floor, grooming himself. He rasps his flank with his rough tongue.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2010. By Tanya Landman. Book 5 in the Poppy Fields Murder mystery series.

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