The Glass Room*

Have my weekly Zoom chat with my best friends at ten o’clock this morning. Then go for a walk with Mum to Shenley Park. We see the climbing roses – pictured above – and the orchard. The panther strolls beside us.

Come home and have lunch in the garden. Meditate and sleep.

Have started reading a new book:

It is good so far – am only on page 31 though.

Fluffball is in now and sits in my room with me for a bit but then wanders off.

Do my Tarot For Growth May post – the last one. Hope there will be a Tarot For Growth June.

Parentals are talking to some of their friends on Zoom. Need to wash hair. Hopefully we can watch Silent Witness tonight.

It’s another hot day and my chest is peeling a bit. Need to visit the flat and pick up some of my summer clothes.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2009. By Simon Mawer. Historical novel.

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