Mendel’s Dwarf*

Barre is tough this morning but I think back is getting a bit better.

Start reading new Simon Mawer book Mendel’s Dwarf. It’s great so far but then this is the eighth book of his I’ve read and they’ve all been good.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and have coffee ☕️ and a pear 🍐.

We have a visitor this afternoon in the garden and it’s good to see her and to have a distraction for an hour or so.

Then we speak to brother in Abroad.

Do my Tarot For Growth June post.

Fluffball has come to sit with me in my bedroom. He’s under my dressing table. I love him so much.

Am lying on my bed writing this and the panther sits on my windowsill, staring out at the garden.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1997. By Simon Mawer. Novel.

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