Match Point For Murder*

Work hard at Booty Band this morning although don’t wear the band for half the class as back Still Hurts.

It is pretend Wimbledon now so we start watching Roger vs Rafa in the 2008 final. It is so good to see the grass.

Mum’s friend visits after my sleep and we sit in the garden. It is cold and windy.

Fluffball is in now. He is much better and the fur is growing back on his face, so that’s a relief.

Now we are going to continue watching Roger vs Rafa and then the BBC has an evening Wimbledon programme which I think will be Sue Barker interviewing people.

I’m sitting on the grey sofa. The panther sits on the spotty sofa, gazing out of the window over the garden.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1975. By Kin Platt. A Max Roper Murder mystery set in 1970s Southern California.

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