A Double Life*

Excitement late last night when nurse checks my temperature and it’s 38 degrees. Feel hot. Pleurodesis can cause a temperature but it seems strange that it would just come on now when operation was on Thursday or Friday – can’t remember.

Watch a Midsomer Murders last night and then go to sleep after my Oramorph at 10.40pm.

Wake up at about 5.15am again and have some Oramorph and coffee. Go for first walk around hospital. Am meant to be doing four walks around the hospital per day.

Lung surgeon visits and says he wants to put me on IV antibiotics so a nurse comes over from transplant to put a gripper in port. In the end the pharmacy prescribe antibiotic tablets. So I don’t need a gripper in port. Oh well. Have a wash.

Kim Philby’s granddaughter has written a thriller. Read it today. It’s excellent.

Read the whole book today: it’s so gripping.

Isn’t the Grayson Perry vase 🏺 of the hospital operating theatre amazing? See it on my walk this morning.

Dad arrives with my phone and some tarot cards and some clean pants and socks. Give the nurses at reception Mum’s phone, Legacy, dirty washing and my knitting which I can’t settle down to.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2020. By Charlotte Philby. Thriller.

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