The Twelve Houses*

Waking up I start rereading my Astrology handbook from my Astrology Diploma, photographing all my placements. Go for a walk in high winds 💨.

Do Barre at 10.15am. Work hard: there’s a lot of legs 🦵, abs and glutes 🍑.

Have lunch and then meet a friend in my park across the street from the flats: Childs Hill Park 🌳.

We meet an Eurasier with Keeshond colouring called Luna:

My friend buys a coffee ☕️ and we sit outside the sweet little cafe. I do him a quick tarot reading with The Fountain Tarot:

He walks me home and I meditate and sleep.

Wake up and my cousin calls to see if he can pop round. Meet him at the park:

Go home and pack everything to return to parentals. Just make it in time for supper.

My textbooks have arrived for my Astrology Degree 📜:

Go to bed at ten thirty and sleep all the way through till quarter to six.

Fluffball is in my parental windowsill, waiting to go out. It looks to be another hot sunny day.

Do my Tarot For Growth August post which is The Sun 🌞: a positive an beneficial card in any reading.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1985. By Howard Sasportas. A book about the Twelve Astrological Houses.

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