The Prisoner In The Mask*

Go back to bed 🛌 after Pilates tomorrow, then have lunch, meditate and sleep. Don’t really feel up to getting out of bed so finish The Devil Rides Out.

After supper, Mum takes my temperature and it’s 38.6pm. She phones the cancer hospital 🏥 and they say to phone 111. Eventually we get through to a paramedic who says that Dad should drive me to the hospital as high risk of ambulance 🚑 being contaminated by COVID.

At hospital, a nurse takes me off to A & E and soon am admitted. They give me Another swab test for Coronavirus 🦠 this must’ve been my sixth one.

Finally I end up on a ward of eight women. They all seem very decrepit and are coughing and wheezing.

Wake up this morning at 6.45am. Feel well or at least stronger.

Do my Tarot For August Challenge:

And then the Celtic Cross and Free Oracle Reading for a client who paid yesterday;

Now am reading my Occult thriller: The Prisoner In the Mask by Dennis Wheatley.

Going back to sleep now.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1957. By Dennis Wheatley. Exciting. Thrilling.

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