Bloody Murder*

My parents send me some beautiful flowers from Bloom & Wild to congratulate me on my book:

Fluffball comes in to wake me up this morning and sits on my bed:

Do Barre and then it’s time for chemotherapy.

My red blood cell count is low which means I may need blood transfusions. This is why I’m so tired, apparently. I am tearful at chemo but manage to read Scandalous Risks.

Come home, meditate and sleep. Then we watch Silent Witness. It’s 6.41pm. Supper is going to be vegetable soup.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1972. By Julian Symons. The classic study of crime fiction.

The Murder Tree*

Sorry about the lack of blog yesterday. We were busy watching series four of The Crown. The parentals haven’t yet seen series one, two and three so they will watch those later.

Yesterday I work hard at Pilates and read some more of Scandalous Risks which is excellent. I’m looking forward to reading it at chemotherapy tomorrow. My scalp is a bit itchy, so Mum washes my tiny amount of hair under the tap. Need scalp to recover so I can wear my wigs.

I now have my audiobook which will be on sale with the printed book in January. I’m very pleased with myself for recording my whole book.

Today I read more of Scandalous Risks and go out with Mum for a drive. Then have lunch, meditate and sleep till four o’clock. Then we watch two more episodes of The Crown.

Fluffball goes out a bit this morning but it is a bit cold for him and he comes in at lunchtime. He is now sleeping on the black sofa in the playroom. I don’t know how much he remembers of his ordeal when he was missing. He seems cheerful but very sleepy still.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2013. By Alan Veale. Crime fiction novel.

Annie Hall*

We walk Gandalf at nine o’clock. It’s zero degrees. It is lovely to see him and cuddle him. Here he is:

Then we go to the hospital for my pre-chemo blood tests and coronavirus test.

Meditate, have lunch and sleep. It’s now 4.48pm and there are many hours of darkness to get through before supper, Silent Witness and bed.

The audiobook of my novel is ready. It will be released in January at the same time as the paperback and e-book. I’m really looking forward to listening to it.

Fluffball is sleeping on the black sofa. He has been out today but it is too cold for him.

Now we are going to watch Annie Hall.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1977. Feature film directed by Woody Allen. Stars Woody Allen and Diane Keaton.

Scandalous Risks*

See my plastic surgeon yesterday. It has been ages since I last saw him. I have a lesion on my chest which I need him to cut out. Hopefully there will be enough skin to close up the hole. It may well take a while to heal due to the chemotherapy.

Work hard at Personal Training today and trainer is pleased with me.

Have lunch and meditate but can’t sleep. Finish reading Summerwater.

Scandalous Risks – the next Starbridge novel – has arrived. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

It’s 5.11pm. We are watching Silent Witness and I’m knitting 🧶. Fluffball is sleeping on the spotty sofa.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1990. By Susan Howatch. Novel.


Work hard at Pilates this morning. Then go for a walk around the garden with Mum.

Have lunch and meditate but can’t sleep. Start reading Summerwater but am not enjoying it. My next Starbridge novel, book four, has not yet arrived.

Fluffball goes out and comes in by two o’clock. Then he sleeps in his cat box in his bedroom with Mum whilst she is playing bridge. He is such a good boy. Now he is sleeping on the piano stool:

I tell my psychiatrist that I’m not feeling good so he suggests that I raise the dose of Clonazepam. Hopefully this will help.

Am watching some Doubles with Mum.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2020. By Sarah Moss. Novel.

The Valentine Estate*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Work hard at Barre.
  2. Watch Fluffball walking around the garden: he is a good boy and comes in after lunch. Then he has a sleep in his cat basket:
  3. Have lunch.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Sleep.
  6. Finish reading Ultimate Prizes.
  7. Do my Astrology homework.
  8. Now am watching the Doubles Final from yesterday with Mum.
  9. Leave my psychiatrist a message to call me: am not feeling good, perhaps due to the chemo.
  10. Although feel a bit better now that have accomplished some things.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1968. By Stanley Ellin. Tennis murder mystery novel.


Have a chat with three of my friends this morning. Then go for a walk with Mum in Shenley Park.

Walking makes my back hurt, so have some extra morphine.

Fluffball goes out for the morning again. He then wants to go out again after lunch, but we don’t let him. We are building up his time outside: he isn’t allowed out all day yet. Now he is sleeping on the piano stool.

Meditate after lunch but can’t sleep so I read Ultimate Prizes instead.

Watch some Doubles with Mum.

Now am back in my room, reading Ultimate Prizes until supper.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1984. By Dick Francis. Crime fiction novel.

Death Serves An Ace*

Walk Gandalf in the woods. It is good to see him and cuddle him. He picks up an enormous stick but it is too big for him to carry home.

We let Fluffball out for the first time this morning. He is a good and clever boy and finds his way home. Mum tells him that he can go out again tomorrow but I don’t know if cats understand the concept of tomorrow.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and have coffee and stewed apple. Watch the third set of Novak vs Domi. Domi wins the match on the third set tiebreak.

Read a bit of Ultimate Prizes: it’s So Good.

We are going to watch a Silent Witness later.

Fluffball is sleeping on the piano stool.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1939. By Helen Wills and Robert William Murphy. Golden age detective novel.

Ultimate Prizes*

Work hard at Pilates this morning. Then read some of Ultimate Prizes, the third of the Starbridge novels which has just arrived. Am enjoying the series So Much.

Mum takes Fluffball to the vet, who says he can go Outside tomorrow. Hope he will be a good boy and that he won’t climb any trees. It will be a worrying time for all of us.

Now am watching Rafa’s match against Stefanos from last night. Last night I had my Astrology Course which I’m really enjoying.

Fluffball is sleeping on his chair in the playroom. I’m in here with him as there’s a second television in here.

Am having an artichoke for supper tonight.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1989. By Susan Howatch. Book 3 in the Starbridge series of novels.

Careless Whiskers*

Work hard at Personal Training and my trainer is pleased with me.

Am quite tearful but I think that this is from the chemotherapy and not my mental disorder.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and watch Rublev beating Domi in straight sets.

I have my Astrology Course tonight but first I want to finish my book.

Fluffball is quite lively today. He is eating and wanting to go out: obviously he is not allowed out yet.

I am sitting under my furry blanket writing this on the grey sofa. It is colder today: about seven degrees.

For supper tonight I will be having an egg sandwich 🥪 whilst I’m doing my Astrology Course. The parentals are having an Indian takeaway.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2020. By Miranda James. A Cat in the stacks murder mystery novel: book 12.