Death Serves An Ace*

Walk Gandalf in the woods. It is good to see him and cuddle him. He picks up an enormous stick but it is too big for him to carry home.

We let Fluffball out for the first time this morning. He is a good and clever boy and finds his way home. Mum tells him that he can go out again tomorrow but I don’t know if cats understand the concept of tomorrow.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and have coffee and stewed apple. Watch the third set of Novak vs Domi. Domi wins the match on the third set tiebreak.

Read a bit of Ultimate Prizes: it’s So Good.

We are going to watch a Silent Witness later.

Fluffball is sleeping on the piano stool.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1939. By Helen Wills and Robert William Murphy. Golden age detective novel.

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