The Murder Tree*

Sorry about the lack of blog yesterday. We were busy watching series four of The Crown. The parentals haven’t yet seen series one, two and three so they will watch those later.

Yesterday I work hard at Pilates and read some more of Scandalous Risks which is excellent. I’m looking forward to reading it at chemotherapy tomorrow. My scalp is a bit itchy, so Mum washes my tiny amount of hair under the tap. Need scalp to recover so I can wear my wigs.

I now have my audiobook which will be on sale with the printed book in January. I’m very pleased with myself for recording my whole book.

Today I read more of Scandalous Risks and go out with Mum for a drive. Then have lunch, meditate and sleep till four o’clock. Then we watch two more episodes of The Crown.

Fluffball goes out a bit this morning but it is a bit cold for him and he comes in at lunchtime. He is now sleeping on the black sofa in the playroom. I don’t know how much he remembers of his ordeal when he was missing. He seems cheerful but very sleepy still.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2013. By Alan Veale. Crime fiction novel.

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