Tarot For Writers*

Last night we watch a brilliant episode of Inspector Morse: “The Daughters Of Cain”. I love Morse so much and am grateful that now I have seen them long enough ago to have forgotten crucial details like who the murderers are.

I have a special visitor this morning on my windowsill:

Then I work hard at Barre. Am grateful to my lovely teacher for putting on these classes for us between Christmas and New Year.

Share an omelette with Mum for lunch. It is yummy.

Meditate and sleep.

Wake up and have coffee โ˜•๏ธ and melon ๐Ÿˆ. Then we watch The Crown. We only have two episodes to go and then we will have finished the whole show, which is tragic.

Dad is dozing under his special eye mask. Fluffball has found what looks to be an uncomfortable position but is asleep:

Mary and her family send me a gorgeous Tarot wrap:

Haven’t managed to do any Tarot since Fluffball went missing: need to return to it.

Apparently Mum is going to come and talk to me but I can hear her in the kitchen where the radio is on. Fluffball wakes up and is cleaning himself: which is a full-time job. Dad is snoring.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2009. By Corrine Kenner. Book about using Tarot as an aid to creativity.

The Third Alibi*

Fluffball in his favourite position: with his face stuffed in his food bowl.

Last night we watch The Third Alibi – a black and white murder mystery which is so good: don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s only an hour and five minutes long. Urge you to watch it.

This morning we speak to brother in Abroad. Then I go for our drive with Mum through Shenley and up to Sopwell and back. We see the donkeys in their field and the postboxes with their crocheted hats, as well as some trees festooned with baubles.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and have coffee and melon ๐Ÿˆ whilst watching The Crown. We have almost finished watching series three sadly.

Mum is doing the jigsaw ๐Ÿงฉ. Dad is playing with his phone. I’m sitting under my furry blanket on the grey sofa writing this.

Supper will be artichoke followed by little pie from the farm shop.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1961. Feature film directed by Montgomery Tully. Stars Laurence Payne and Patricia Dainton. Written by Maurice J. Wilson and Montgomery Tully.

The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding*

Mum wants you to see her orchids. She has polished them, and most of them have new shoots.

Last night we start watching an episode of Inspector Morse called “Twilight Of The Gods”.

This morning I wake up and do Pilates. Am grateful to my lovely teacher for putting on extra classes between Christmas and New Year: we have Pilates on Tuesday and Barre on Wednesday.

Speak to Mary on the phone.

Go for a drive with Mum up to Shenley and on to Sopwell. We see the donkeys in their field and the postboxes with their crocheted covers.

Watch the end of our Morse episode after lunch. Then meditate and sleep.

Have my coffee โ˜•๏ธ and melon. We watch an episode of The Crown and now Mum is in the kitchen cooking. Play with Fluffball and his piece of elastic for a bit, but then he becomes bored and wanders off.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1960. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective mystery story, published in the collection: The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and a Selection of Entrees.

Hercule Poirotโ€™s Christmas*

Look at this amazing mug that Suzy sent me. I love it so much.

Yesterday I do Personal Training and work very hard just using my own body weight. Shoulders still hurting so trainer decided no weights as my muscles are not repairing themselves due to low immune system. Still: manage to work surprisingly hard using just own body weight. I love my trainer.

Last night we have Zoom dinner with my parental chums, which always cheers me up, and then start watching the Inspector Morse episode “The Way Through The Woods”. Have to stop forty seven minutes before the end.

Today: wake up and chat to brother in Abroad and then to Suzy, Mary and another friend.

We have a friend who has his birthday today so we pop round this morning to give him his card and have a quick doorstep chat with him and his Mum.

Receive a message from Seb which makes me cry. Have vegetable curry for lunch.

After lunch we finish our episode of Morse. Meditate and sleep.

Wake up and sample the Christmas pudding with brandy cream. It’s delicious. We watch a hard-hitting episode of The Crown about Aberfan.

Dad has found a black and white murder for us to watch later called Impact 49. Am looking forward to that.

Fluffball is sleeping on his chair in the playroom:

He has been in since two o’clock. It was very cold today: two degrees when we checked. I’m under my furry blanket on the grey sofa. Mum is pouring herself a glass of wine ๐Ÿท. I have to remove my chipped nail polish ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿป.

Tonight parentals will be having duck ๐Ÿฆ† and I will be consuming nut ๐Ÿฅœ roast. The vegetables will be: sprouts, roast potatoes ๐Ÿฅ” and roast chestnuts ๐ŸŒฐ

Happy Christmas everyone!

*1938. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel.

Viceroyโ€™s House*

Last night we start watching Viceroy’s House. This is a film set in 1947 when the Mountbattens arrive in India to oversee Indian independence. Dickie Mountbatten, played by Hugh Bonneville, is in meetings with Gandhi and Nehru and separate meetings with Jinnah. Am enjoying the film a lot and look forward to watching the rest of it tonight.

Go to bed at nine o’clock last night and finish Mystical Paths – which has a terrific denouement. Just Absolute Truths left in my series now.

Today in Barre we all wear our leopard ๐Ÿ† print leggings:

It’s a tough class but am relieved that we’re only missing exercise on Friday and Saturday: I have Personal Training tomorrow and there’s an extra Pilates class on Sunday. My Zoom gym classes keep me as cheerful as possible: I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Mum polishes the orchids this morning: see photos above with added Fluffball. I bet you’ve never seen such beauty in a photo.

We drive to Letchmore Heath to give Mum’s tennis partner her Christmas present. Sadly, she will be spending Christmas Day on her own with her Labrador. Am thankful that I’ll be with both my parents and my Fluffball. I think A Lot of people will be alone, which is awful.

Speak to brother after lunch on Zoom. It is good to see his face: miss him.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and watch an episode of The Crown: we’re on series three now: with Olivia Colman as the Queen and Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret: both wonderful.

Fluffball was just sitting at the top of the steps, cleaning himself, but has moved.

We’re having spaghetti ๐Ÿ for supper tonight.

I’m feeling more cheerful: perhaps due to missing a session of chemo.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2017. Feature film starring Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson. Directed by Gurinder Chadha.

Dr Zhivago*

Wake up and then work hard at Barre. Drop round to Gandalf’s to give him his present: some duck-favoured treats. He is happy to see us and wags his tail as he thinks he’s about to go for a walk. We drive up to Shenley, past Sopwell and back.

Fluffball doesn’t come in for his second or third breakfasts. He is missing – in the rain – from 8.30am until 12.30pm when Mum finds him strolling down the road. Our nerves are shredded: worrying that he’s gone missing again. We keep him in once we find him at lunchtime.

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Wake up and watch an episode of The Crown.

We are having artichokes, bread and cheese tonight, and then hopefully watching some of Dr Zhivago which we’ve recorded today.

Now I’m going to return to Mystical Paths in bed.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1965. Stars Omar Sharif and Julie Christie. Directed by David Lean. Adapted from the Boris Pasternak novel by Robert Bolt.


Wake up and talk to three of my chums. One of my friends, who is working part time in a care home, has just received part one of the vaccine ๐Ÿ’‰ which is exciting.

Then go for a drive with Mum past Shenley and up to Sopwell and back. We see the donkeys in their field and the letter boxes with their crocheted hats on. Here is one:

Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Then watch an episode of The Crown. Series Two is so good. The whole show is brilliant I think.

Dad records Shadowlands for us to watch later. Fluffball sleeps on his spotty sofa:

I am going back to bed to read my book before supper. I am so tired due to my lack of platelets.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1993. Feature film. Stars Anthony Hopkins.

Claw Enforcement*

Wake up early to arrive at the cancer hospital ๐Ÿฅ for blood tests and COVID test. Then on to the scanner centre for whole body MRI to see if the chemo is doing anything.

It’s horrific. I’m encased in a plastic coffin whilst there is terrible banging and crashing. It lasts for an hour. Am so relieved to finally be released.

Find Mum in the car park. She’s received a phone call from the cancer hospital that my platelets are so low that I can’t have chemo on Monday. The plan is to see if they build up over the next ten days.

So please send thoughts and prayers that:

  1. The chemo is working.
  2. That I will be well enough to have it in ten days.

Come home, meditate and sleep. Wake up and watch an episode of The Crown. Have a bath ๐Ÿ› and wash hair.

I’m writing this on the grey sofa and Fluffball is sleeping on the spotty sofa.

Soon it will be supper time.

Tomorrow I have Pilates and then a whole day of Astrology about the coming Jupiter Saturn conjunction so I’m looking forward to that.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2020. By Sofie Ryan. Cat cozy mystery.

Horoscope: The Astrology Murders*

It’s been a couple of days since I last wrote a blog so I’m sorry about that.

On Tuesday I do Pilates and my friend who I haven’t seen for ages and it’s good to see her, although we only manage thirty minutes sitting in the garden as it’s so cold.

On Wednesday I do Barre and then do my Astrology homework: it’s my Astrology course tonight.

This morning I do Personal Training and work very hard and trainer is pleased with me. Go for a drive with Mum through Shenley and up to Sopwell and we see a red kite and a buzzard. Have lunch, meditate and sleep. Watch an episode of The Crown.

Fluffball is sitting on the spotty sofa, cleaning himself. I’m just rushing to finish this as I need an early supper before my course tonight.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2014. By Georgia Frontiere. Murder mystery novel.

The Cat Who Robbed A Bank*

Work hard at Barre this morning. Have lunch and then my Pilates teacher and Pilates friend visit. They bring me a present ๐ŸŽ – a beautiful pair of leopard ๐Ÿ† print leggings. We sit in the garden and chat for twenty minutes – it’s so good to see them. They’re the first people other than my parents and healthcare professionals who I’ve seen for ages.

Meditate and sleep. Wake up and watch an episode of The Crown. Now I’m watching Hemlock Grove. Fluffball is sleeping on his favourite chair in here. He’s been in a lot today: looking for extra meals.

We have spaghetti ๐Ÿ for supper tonight.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2000. By Lilian Jackson Braun. Book in The Cat Who series of mystery novels.