At Bertram’s Hotel*

Achievements Of The Last 2 Days

  1. Don’t die on Monday night from having a mere 4 platelets.
  2. Wake up at seven o’clock and Mum calls the cancer hospital πŸ₯ to tell than I’m still alive.
  3. Stay alive. Mum takes me to the cancer hospital πŸ₯ and I have a platelet infusion.
  4. Mum takes me to Spire and leaves me there.
  5. Have a blood transfusion to bring up haemoglobin levels which have been down at 65.
  6. Second blood transfusion starts at 7.30pm. Watch At Bertram‘s Hotel. Then take Zolpidem and other nighttime meds. Fall asleep.
  7. Wake up at four o’clock and return to bed πŸ›Œ.
  8. Sleep this afternoon.
  9. Pull some cards for myself:
  10. Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1965. By Agatha Christie. Miss Marple detective novel.

Blood Work*

Discharge myself from A & E last night when Five Doctors are unable to work my port. It’s a disgrace: Ron and Agata put a new gripper on it this afternoon at the cancer hospital πŸ₯.

Mum and Dad pick me up at nine thirty or so last night. We have great views of the full moon πŸŒ• on the way home. Crawling into bed, I fall asleep.

Wake up at seven o’clock this morning. Mum calls the cancer hospital πŸ₯ who haul me in for a platelet transfusion at ten thirty. Then it’s straight on to Spire. I’m now having a blood transfusion as my haemoglobin is just sixty five: it’s meant to be in the hundreds.

Due to my cancer in the liver; my lung 🫁 difficulties and my heart rate being raised from the oedema, I’m on some extra oxygen.

Look at my platelets!

I pull the Eight of Wands earlier for Action. It’s certainly been a busy day. I feed Fluffball earlier – his second or third breakfast of the day but he’s insistent that he mustn’t somehow miss this meal to which he’s entitled: he is purry, vocal and even a bit whimpering. Then we sit outside on the terrace.

Dr Levy visits and we make a plan for tonight: finish this first bag of blood 🩸 by seven o’clock and then have some diuretics and then the next bag of blood.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Happy World Bipolar Day everyone!

*2010. By Holly Tucker. A tale of medicine and murder in the Scientific Revolution. C

Hold Me Like A Breath*

Wake up at seven o’clock. Have breakfast with Mum at eight. It’s Pilates at 10.30am and then go to the cancer hospital πŸ₯ to show them how swollen I am all over. They are perplexed and take bloods 🩸.

Go gone for lunch πŸ₯— and sleep.

Fluffy doesn’t come in till 4pm this afternoon.

Back at cancer hospital it turns out that I have just four platelets so need urgent platelet transfusion. Haemoglobin also very low. Am now at Watford General.

Doctor has been to see me and is excited that Ron put a gripper in my port at the cancer hospital πŸ₯ earlier. Am in a bed in a room on my own.

Sadly supper was an egg πŸ₯š sandwich πŸ₯ͺ but then G-d shouldn’t have put me in A & E during Pesach.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2015. By Tiffany Schmidt. Penelope is the daughter of a crime family but has a rare autoimmune disorder to do with low platelets.

Understanding The Tarot Court*

Zoom Seder is lovely: we see our friends for the pre-dinner service and then have our eggs πŸ₯š in salt πŸ§‚ water πŸ’§. My supper is aubergine πŸ† and goat 🐐 cheese with roast potatoes πŸ₯” and parsley 🌿, followed by chocolate mousse which I love but rarely eat.

Sleep from nine o’clock till nine o’clock, then have breakfast and go back to sleep 😴 till twelve o’clock. Have lunch πŸ₯— which is cottage cheese, avocado πŸ₯‘ and salad followed by chocolate mousse.

Finish Tarot And Astrology. Now have Understanding The Tarot Court by Mary K. Greer and Tom Little to get my teeth 🦷 into next.

Watch the first episode of Series Three of Shtisel and OMG 😱 😭 πŸ’”. Look forward to bingeing the Series: it’s just nine episodes.

Fluffball and Mum help me with my bath πŸ› and now Fluffball is curled up in the middle of my bed πŸ› sleeping. He’s such a precious angel πŸ˜‡.

Mum does my toenails – they’re burgundy: ready to get out in the twenty degree sunshine 🌞 we’re expecting!

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2004. By Mary K. Greer and Tom Little. Part of the Special Topics In Tarot series.


Fluffball wakes me up at six o’clock by walking across my bedside table, pawing the crystals till they fall on the floor and clambering up onto the windowsill. He gazes out at the sunny 🌞 morning.

Breakfast at eight o’clock and Pilates at 9.15am. Stretch my tight calves and hamstrings. It feels so good to be better and able to exercise again.

We drive to the vet to pick up Fluffball food and then on to Shenley and past Sopwell and back via the donkeys. All the apple and cherry blossom 🌸 is out: clouds ☁️ of pink and white.

Mum’s friend pops round to pick up some of the horseradish root we dig up for the Passover service later.

Lunch, meditate and sleep 😴 for two hours. Need to clean my contact lenses to wear later at Zoom Seder with our friends.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2007. By Lemony Snicket. Advice book.

The Fever*

Sleep all day yesterday from 7am to 4.29pm. Wake up. Have supper. Go back to bed to do my Astrology Course at 7pm.

Start but feel hot. Mum takes temperature: it’s 38 degrees again. She feeds me paracetamol and threatens to throw me in the car and dump me at A & E if temperature doesn’t come down. Lying in bed sweating, tossing and turning, I pray to avoid this fate.

At last Mum returns to take my temperature again at 8.15pm. Thank G-d it’s 37. Taking my pills I pass out.

Waking up at 5.30am I rush up to see Mum to tell her that I haven’t died in the night.

“I know,” Mum says. “I checked on you every two hours”.

Poor Mum!

This afternoon I have company for my sleep:

I don’t sleep for long but then I read Tarot And Astrology and stick in little multicoloured Post-Its. It’s such a good book πŸ“– and it’s going to help me So Much with my Readings.

My pendulum πŸ›Έ arrives:

Now I just have to programme him to Yes and No and then I can use him in dowsing and divination.

We’re watching Unforgotten now. Suspect I will be too tired 😴 to watch anything after supper.

Passover begins tomorrow so Happy Passover to all my Jewish readers.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2015. By Megan Abbott. Pandemic thriller.

Murder In The Dog Days*

Very ill from chemo last night: massive temperature πŸ€’. Spend the night sweating in Mum’s bed whilst she thought I was dying.

Wake up at 6.30am after nine and a half hours of sleep. Still have temperature πŸ€’ over thirty seven. Go back to own bed to whimper πŸ˜ͺ with upset tummy πŸ’©.

Do three Tarot readings:

Achieve three New satisfied customers.

Fluffball has my afternoon sleep with me. I’m stretched out and he’s curled up under the covers:

Go for walk around the garden πŸͺ΄. Supper is asparagus risotto with goat 🐐 cheese and roasted cauliflower.

Now I’m back in bed. Let’s hope that temperature πŸ€’ doesn’t return tonight and that I get a good night of sleeping.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1990. P. M. Carlson. Locked room Murder mystery novel relying on a thermostat.

Springtime For Murder*

Last night I have an Astrology Question and Answer session with Frank and my course mates. It’s frustrating as people ask questions about things we haven’t learned yet. Go to sleep at nine o’clock.

Fluffball wakes me up at six o’clock. I do two Tarot Readings for a client.

We wake Mum up at 7.46am: she oversleeps today which is very unusual. Have coffee β˜•οΈ and cereal πŸ₯£ and then do another Tarot Reading.

It’s Pilates at ten thirty. Work hard. Then sit outside in the sunshine 🌞. We have a pair of long tailed tits which is exciting. It’s only ten degrees but feels warmer in the sun β˜€οΈ.

Chemo is at two o’clock this afternoon which is terrible as that’s my going-to-sleep time. I’m just there for an hour as it’s Session Two of my three week cycle where I just have one of the drugs. Next week is week off yay.

Aiming to move chemo back to Mondays as soon as possible as on Tuesday I can’t go at a convenient time whereas Mondays I can go at about 11.30am which is perfect.

Rest at chemo and hope to sleep afterwards but it’s too late and I don’t.

Watch the start of the new episode of Midsomer Murders which is exciting. Dad plays chess β™Ÿ tonight so we will finish it after supper.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2018. By Debbie Young. A Sophie Sayers village mystery book 5. Cozy murder mystery novel.


So I do a Tarot Reading for next door’s cat about whether he can ever be friends with Fluffball. The cards say Yes. Which is great.Then Fluffball comes to sit on my window πŸͺŸ sill.

See our lovely gardener who wants a Tarot Reading so I order The Antique Anatomy Tarot Deck which has 78 different plants 🌱 in it – one for each card.

Work So Hard at Barre. Then talk to a couple of friends.

Do another reading

Do a new spread today! It’s the Six Card Self Love one.

So that’s three readings today. Well done me!

Meditate and have a long sleep πŸ›Œ 😴

Wake up and have coffee β˜•οΈ, pineapple 🍍 and lemon πŸ‹ squash.

Fluffball comes to help me with my Tarot and Astrology. It’s the start of Aries β™ˆοΈ season today:

Goodnight and Happy Monday everyone!

*2016. By Ronnie Allen. Book 2 in the Sign behind the crime series of mystery novels. Crime fiction.

Tarot And Astrology* Again

This video doesn’t exist

Sleep well last night. Wake up and do a Mind-Body-Soul Tarot Reading for myself. Go for a walk up and down Beech Avenue with Mum and back pain isn’t too bad.

Chat to my besties at ten o’clock. It’s good to talk to them. Then walk around the garden with Mum looking at the daffodils 🌼 and hyacinths, pansies, hebe and heather. Fluffball comes in the garden πŸͺ΄ with us and does running with his tail all fluffed-up.

Attend my crystal dealer The Crystal Inn’s Spring Equinox Sale and buy an amazing UFO πŸ›Έ pendulum.

Have lunch πŸ₯— with the parentals and then Mum helps me with my bath πŸ›.

At two o’clock, settle down with Fluffball for my sleep. He falls asleep immediately but I meditate πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ but can’t sleep 😴 as I’m stressed about when I’m going to do the ten Tarot Readings I have lined up. Aiming to do two per day Monday to Friday. Am determined to keep my weekends for rest and relaxation as Tarot Readings are so draining.

Look at my stunning new Bluebell Grey duvet set from John Lewis. I love it So Much πŸ›Œ.

Am rereading Tarot And Astrology by Corrine Kenner and putting post-its in it. Now I’m far enough along with my Astrology Course to incorporate it into my Tarot Readings. It’s an excellent book. Fluffball sleeps whilst I read.

Chat to MadFatRunner when Fluffball wakes up and heads up to the kitchen to ask Mum for his supper.

It’s aubergine πŸ† and goat’s 🐐 cheese bake for supper which I love.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2011. By Corrine Kenner. Enhance your Readings with the wisdom of the Zodiac.