From The Moment We Met*

Victory ✌️! Am not sick last night! So from now on I will have supper at 4.45pm. Don’t even feel nauseous yesterday evening – the new anti-sickness drugs are working.

Wake up a few times in the night which is unusual. Am finally awake at half past five and just sit quietly in my room until am allowed to wake Mum up at half past six.

Complete a Tarot Reading for a new client – it’s a Career Reading which I enjoy doing. She is really happy with it and sends me a message saying she is “blown away” by it and “everything makes so much sense”. So I’m pleased. I’m So Glad that I’ve found something that I can earn money for that I’m good at and love.

Feel quite drained afterwards as tends to happen.

Work hard at Barre and chat to my teacher and chums afterwards.

Mum makes fajitas for lunch 🥙 and enjoy mine a lot. Love Mexican food and haven’t eaten it all year.

Fluffball mopes around the house in the morning and keeps sitting by the front and back doors. He’s desperate to go out. On the plus side, his eyes 👀 aren’t streaming and the allergy patch on his face is healing: keeping him in, away from the tree pollen, is working.

Sit in the sunshine 🌞 in the garden with Mum after lunch. Feel sad that Fluffball isn’t with us.

Meditate and sleep. Wake up feeling anxious about the Memoir. Have about five weeks left to work on it and need to write some new material. Will return to it tomorrow. Today it seems an impossible task but that’s probably because I haven’t had enough sleep last night and this afternoon.

Seeing the radiologist at five thirty about my session of spine radiotherapy: will be glad to have that and maybe experience a reduction in my back pain.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2018. By Brian Clark. Book about the astrology of adult relationships.


  1. TheFeatheredSleep · April 19, 2021

    I know it’s absurd not to be anxious about the memoir and I would be a hypocrite to tell you not to be, but just take it as you can, because that’s realistic. You will get there. If I can do anything, I am here to help just ask me okay? I support you 110 percent and I know you will do this and it will feel good to have completed it. I think of you every single day my friend.

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