The Crime Of Vaccination*

Am not sick again last night. Sleep from nine thirty to five thirty this morning. Do a Tarot Reading for a dear friend:

Work hard at Pilates and then chat with my teacher and chums. See Fluffball strolling around the garden. He is happy now that he’s allowed out. Give him his lunch and can hear him crunching it and gobbling it down.

Have lunch, read The Sober Diaries and then have to go to the cancer hospital 🏥 for my blood tests and radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy is quick: they spend about ten minutes setting the machine up and then five minutes zapping me ⚡️.

As soon as we leave the hospital, back feels sunburnt. The radiologist recommends E45 cream so we pick some up from the chemist 👨‍🔬 at the farm.

Mum drives me back to the flat and applies the cream to my back, which is soothing. The itchiness has faded now.

I miss my sleep this afternoon as blood tests are at two thirty and arrive at the flat just in time for supper at four thirty.

After supper I read some more of The Sober Diaries: I’m really enjoying it and am about three quarters of the way through it now.

It’s 8.33pm. I will just post this, clean my teeth 🦷 🪥, wash my face and then read till nine o’clock.

Tomorrow is Pilates at nine fifteen. After I finish The Sober Diaries, will read The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober.

Don’t seem to have any bad side effects from my second vaccine dose 💉. A weird thing: had jab in right leg – due to no nodes left so can’t have cuts or scratches on arms – but when I wake up this morning my right arm hurts. Wonder why.

It is so lovely and warm in flat. Am going to take my nighttime meds 💊 now.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1913. By Tenison Deane. Medical book.

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