Drinking: A Love Story*

Here is my precious angel Fluffball before he is allowed out this morning:

Have a good night’s sleep from half past to half past five.

We visit Burston’s Garden 🪴Centre for the first time since Lockdown. Is great to be back there.

My friend @snakesinthegrass sends me an amazing present from America which I will show you tomorrow.

Have breakfast and do my Tarot Card of the Day from my new deck which is a gift from a kind friend in California.

Work hard at Barre and chat to my teachers and friends afterwards.

Meditate. Have a long sleep after lunch.

Wake up and have coffee and then supper at quarter to five this afternoon.’

Radiologist calls and says that if I’m having difficulty swallowing it’s from the radiotherapy and that that and the burning feeling on my back will get better within ten days so that’s something.

Have to go to bed now: it’s nine o’clock.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1996. By Caroline Knapp. Memoir of the author’s twenty years as an alcoholism.

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